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Car Trunk Kit - (Approx. 20 sqft) Trunk Pack, 2 Sheets Luxury Liner Pro, 1CSA, 1WHR

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Product Description

Second Skin's Trunk Kit is the perfect small project for a big return! With enough product to completely insulate an average sized car trunk/hatch area (approx 20 sqft) from road noise, heat, and internal interference/squeaks and rattles, if you're looking for something you can simply add to your cart and get going this is the item for you. Trunk noise from Car Audio, exhaust systems, loud tires will be deadened and insulated with this great discounted package.

Car Trunk Kit Contains: 

1 - 20 sqft Damplifier Pro Trunk Pack Damplifier Pro - 12 Sheets at 12" x 20"

2 - 9 SqFt Sheets Luxury Liner Pro at 24" x 54" and 3/8" Thick CCF/MLV each Sheet

1 - Can of High Heat Spray Adhesive 

1 - Wooden Hand Roller

Enough Product For The Average Sized Car Trunk or Hatch


First, install the Damplifier Pro on the interior metal of the trunk and side walls.

After that's done, install the Luxury Liner Pro on top of the Damplifier Pro. To use Second Skin's high temp adhesive, simply apply a layer to both the product you're going to install AND the surface you wish to apply it to (be sure both surfaces are clean and free of solvent residue). Allow about 60-90 seconds for the adhesive to tack up, press the two surfaces together. hold firmly for another 30-60 seconds.

Damplifier Pro:

Whether you are looking to quiet down your street rod, or make your daily driver comfortable as a luxury car, Damplifier Pro is the strongest, most resilient vibration damper on the market.

The first acoustical problem in any sound deadening project is structure borne noise This is the harmonics and resonance that is emitted from the cars sheet metal panels, similar to a wind chime. Unlike wind chimes however, our cars are not tuned to any specific musical frequency, so what we end up hearing is the road noise, engine rumble and exhaust drone.

Stopping the vibrations on your cars metal panels is much like stopping a noisy wind chime with your hand. Once the vibrations stop, the  structure borne noise stops.

Traditional noise mats are mostly inefficient mass loaders; heavy & foul smelling tar boards that work by adding weight to the cars metal to quiet it down. This technology is over 50 years old, and for some reasons, is still being promoted by many of our competitors.

Damplifier Pro is not a mass loader or a heavy tar board. 
It is a constraint layer viscoelastic damper that converts the vibrational energy in to low level heat. This conversion of energy makes it 300% more efficient than traditional mass loading tar boards and asphalt mats while weighing half as much!

Simply cut, peel and stick Damplifier Pro to the interior sheet metal of your car to block out unwanted structure borne noise!

Luxury Liner Pro:

Applying a layer of Luxury Liner Pro inside the doors on top of your Damplifier or Spectrum vibration dampers is the easiest way to improve the acoustics from your door speakers.

First, Luxury Liner Pro will reduce the airborne sound waves that are able to penetrate the vibration damper. This reduction in unwanted noise will equate to in increase in the desired noise which is your music.

Luxury Liner Pro will also reduce the intensity of distortion causing reflections inside your vehicle. The less noise that is bouncing around the car walls, the louder and clearer your audio system will sound.

**Always use caution when handling Damplifier products, the foil edges are very sharp**

*** Luxury Liner Pro foam should not be used inside of the engine bay or near heat sources, it must be kept 2" away from any heat source. ***

Complete 2 Layer Install of a Chevy Cavalier Trunk:

First Layer - Constraint Layer - Damplifier Pro 

cavalier-trunk-install-products.jpg  cavalier-trunk-install-4.jpg  cavalier-trunk-install-2.jpg

  cavalier-trunk-install-9.jpg  cavalier-trunk-install-11.jpg  cavalier-trunk-install-5.jpg 

 Start of the 2nd Layer - Barrier Layer - CCF/MLV Luxury Liner Pro

 cavalier-trunk-install-8.jpg  cavalier-trunk-install-12.jpg

 cavalier-trunk-install-3.jpg  cavalier-trunk-install-6.jpg



What is the difference between Damplifier Pro and Damplifier automotive vibration damping mats??
Damplifier and Damplifier Pro are the same basic automotive CLD sound deadener mats in terms of product quality, but Damplifier Pro has a total thickness that is twice as thick as our regular automotive vibration mat Damplifier.
The foil on both of our automotive sound deadeners is the same; both 6.5 mils thick. The only difference between the two products is the total thickness of the adhesive. 

What makes Second Skin Damplifier different from asphalt roofing products or sound deadeners that come one rolls?
At Second Skin, we only sell sound deadening products that are specifically designed for automobiles. Unlike roofing products, our CLD vibration damping mats Damplifier and Damplifier Pro use 100% butyl binders with no cheap asphalt filler.  Our CLD sound deadening dampers are non toxic, odorless and designed by automotive industry experts.
The foil on our CLD sound deadener Damplifier Pro is 3 times thicker than that of most roofing products and will not melt, or fail.

Why does Damplifier Pro not come on a roll like less expensive Sound deadening mats do?
Here is an industry secret. Products that come on rolls are roof tapes relabeled as CLD sound deadener mats. There is not a sound deadening manufacturer in the industry that puts CLD constraint layer dampers on a roll. Real sound deadening vibration damper mats will always come in sheets. If it is on a roll, it is not designed as a sound deadener. It came from a roofing manufacturer and was not designed to dampen vibrations in a car. There is no exception to this rule. Companies that sell roofing tape to customers as sound deadening mats, are doing a great disservice to the automotive sound deadening industry, and are ripping off customers for their hard earned money.

How much CLD sound deadening do I need to use in my car to properly sound deaden the vibrations?
When it comes to automotive sound deadening and vibration damping. more is always better, to a point. Covering the flat panels of your cars interior sheet metal panels with as little as 25 percent will reduce harmonic distortion, however in many cases, as much as 50 or 100 percent  CLD sound deadening coverage might be needed, depending on the intensity of the audio system or how loud the road noise, engine noise and exhaust drone is. Applying a MLV noise barrier like our Luxury Liner Pro on top of your CLD sound deadener will more that tripple the sound deadening results from your Damplifier application.

Technical Data

Damplifier Pro

Product Videos

Trunk Sound Treatment - VBL #2 - #ProjectRebuild - CarAudioFabrication 08:38

Join the FREE weekly training program: Wonder how to improve bass response and cut down vibration in your trunk for your subwoofer system? Check out the tips in this video, video build log number two! A special thanks to Second Skin for providing the materials in this video! MATERIALS HERE: Instagram: @caraudiofab Twitter: @caraudiofab Join the FREE weekly training program: Need a box design? Go here: Join the FREE weekly training program: Help Mark with the monthly costs of running CAF here: OTHER FULL VIDEO SERIES: Simple Door Pods [VIDEO] Series: Custom Subwoofer Box [VIDEO] Series: Underseat Fiberglass Sub Box [VIDEO] Series: Fiberglass Door Pods [VIDEO] Series: Music by: Proctor – YouTube Audio Library To the Top – YouTube Audio Library Windows Rolled Down – YouTube Audio Library Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 CarAudioFabrication - The Secrets of Car Audio Revealed

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Product Reviews

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  1. Luxury Liner Pro 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jan 2017

    Really like this product. I'm doing a frame on build of a 66 Mustang GT. It's getting a true SQ Audiophile system. So I'm doing the complete interior. I'm amazed how dense the these pieces have made the front cabin area. I haven't even reinstalled the carpet yet but could feel the great harmonics from the 6.5" Hertz components. I Highly recommend this on top of the Damplifier Pro in any older car. This thing is gonna be awesome even with the 450hp 289 it'll be only exhaust noise now No vibrations or rattles.

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