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Posted by Second Skin on

"I've been doing car audio for a couple of years now and I've never really gotten to a point where I'm ever satisfied with how it sounds. I had some money I was willing to spend on another upgrade for the system and I thought I'd try something new. I bought 2 of these 9 square foot rolls (Luxury Liner Pro Sheets) and laid it under my floor mats. I ready have a large, comfortable, and pretty quiet sedan so this may not have done as much for me as it would for other folks but I did notice a few differences. On the highway I used the decibel ultra app on my iPhone to read my sound levels. Before I was reading in the 58-60 db range at 65 miles per hour. Now I'm running between 53-55 db. I also note that my music sounds a little bit clearer and more detailed. I don't have to turn it up as loud to hear it clearly now either. I know this is completely different for every car and stereo combo but just to show the difference I am now comfortably listening at volume 17-18 on my stereo when I was listening between volumes 21-23; when you have a four channel amplifier powering your speakers that is usually a pretty large decrease in volume. This is of course with all the windows up and with the fans/ac off."

Brian G. 

Second Skin Amazon Customer

This is the stuff for those that want a REAL sound deadener designed specifically designed to do just that. This isn't one of those cheap phony products made of asphalt or cheap smelly ingredients. It WORKS and personally, I think any serious vehicle owner would be wasting time and money NOT to buy this excellent product. I will refer you to their website for the specifics rather than try and discuss technology that makes it superior to anything I've tried but you'll be glad you went and read about the product, the company and the other items that work so well with the Damplifier. I made the mistake of ordering other items, cutting corners on price and wasting a ton of time installing wannabe products but never again. If you're serious, buy the best, pay a bit more and be totally amazed at the quality when you fire up that high end audio system!

Amazon Customer

"My mid bass was lacking and not hitting to my liking. I gave speaker tweaker a try and it made a huge impovement. You will need Super glue to install per Second Skin. The other option I was thinking of going with were speaker cups, but they seemed way too small. Cause my mids are installed in the door which is huge infinite baffle compared to speaker cups."

Second Skin Customer

"I drive a 2006 Dodge Sprinter. These vans are big metal boxes which while they are great vehicles, when you drive them down the road are quite noisy. I put two 40 Damp packs on the interior walls, doors, and ceiling and am amazed at the difference. The doors close noticably easier and more solidly which is another nice benefit. "

Second Skin Customer

Super fast shipping and good price for the best product on the market! Arrived ahead of projected delivery date so what more can one ask? Can't wait to install it and replace the factory Bose 8 speaker system with the complete new Rockford Fosgate Power Series speakers. The SSEi will be loving the upgrade!!

-Stephen C.
Second Skin Customer (Amazon)

"I put one layer of Damplifier pro and one layer of overkill pro in the front doors of my Camry. I have not yet done the rear and when I am driving next to other cars it sounds as if the back doors are not fully latched. When cars get next to the front doors it is considerably quieter. After I get the rear doors done I will do the floor and wheel wells in Damplifier pro and spectrum because now I realize how much sound is coming through there.

According to a smart phone app my car is now only one decibel louder than my friend's Lexus LS400 which is considered by many to be the quietest mass produced car in the world."

Second Skin Customer

"This is the first time I've ever had a car with sound deadener, and I gotta say this stuff is amazing, my 91' Nissan 240SX rides as quiet as a new Mercedes! My speakers sound more defined and it doesn't sound like midgets wrestling in the trunk. I've installed other sound deadeners on other vehicles before and the ease of installation is awesome, and it stays put! Way to go Second Skin, awesome product!"

-Broc E
Second Skin Customer

"Blimey, this is seriously 21st century stuff!"

-QV London

"You may recall that You shipped some of your products to me here in the UK back in February. They have now been fitted to the car as part of an overall engine out enginebay refurb. Looks fantastic and the horrid boom in the cabin has completely gone so many thanks!"

-Nick Paterson-Morgan

"Just finished installing Damplifier Pro and Luxury Liner Pro to the rear compartment of my Vette and it reduced the resonance, road noise, drone and vibration sounds considerably. Inside I can hold a conversation at any speed and the sound system I installed over the Winter sounds great. Also the carpet re-installed over the products just fine, it was a little tight in some spots but I was able to tuck it in. I will do the front compartment later, I just needed to quiet it down for a cross country trip this Summer :-) happy."

Thank you for a great product and support."

-David Wilken 

"that Spectrum stuff really works it alone has gotten rid of most of the noise from the tires and low gears, and fuel pump."


"Your customer service is great and I`m very happy with this product. It`s easy to work with and it made a huge difference with my stereo, it`s like night and day. I would recommend this to any one. Thanks.


"I sparked interest in Second Skin through Steve Meade. I ordered Second Skin with vibration elimination in mind. Second skin did all that AND THEN SOME! Driving in the rain used to be ULTRA LOUD and I could never even think of talking on the phone. Driving home from my buddy`s after we applied the Second Skin, it was raining. I didn`t even realize it was raining! I could have heard a pin drop! AND THIS WAS JUST WITH SS ON THE ROOF! I am DEFINITELY going to buy more for the doors and maybe even the floor in my truck. 100% top notch product and I would recommend it to anyone! If you have the time, it is SO worth it! Even in an older car, this stuff is like a dream!"


"Just finished installing Damplifier Pro and Luxury Liner Pro to my 87 Vanagon. With all the large flat panels and nearly no noise deadening materials factory installed the Vanagon has to be one of the noisiest cars around. I only covered about 25-30% on the large panels with Damplifier Pro as that seems to be the most bang for your buck and not wanting to add over two hundred pounds to the vehicle. The difference is amazing. I can actually talk to people in the back seats now without yelling and the radio volume doesn`t need to be so high. Now it is as quiet as my Subaru Forester. Great products and great service. "

-Dave C.

"Just wanted to say your product(s) are AMAZING! Just finished using Damplifier Pro on the doors of my truck (outer and inner layer per door) and what a night and day difference. The truck just "feels" so much better. The downside is that I find myself driving faster as I`m not used to it being so quite, LOL. I regrettably bought (the other guys product) for my rear cab and am shocked at the difference/effectiveness between the two (yours was far superior). And Damplifier Pro smelt good to boot, LOL. Keep up the great work/products; you`re the best!"

-Sean R.

"Second Skin`s insulation has my complete recommendation to anyone looking for a great, simple and affordable way to absorb sound! The guys at Second Skin are so helpful, even to a chick like me. With great service and an amazing product I couldn`t be happier with my truck!"

-Sarah B.

"We have restored several Jeeps. The vehicles are naturally prone to vibrations and road noise. With the added high performance exhaust systems, it was impossible to achieve acceptable sound quality from the stereo systems. We ordered Damplifier Pro, received it in 2 days, applied it in a half hour and the results are amazing. We have since then added a layer of Luxury Liner Pro. These are high performance off-road vehicles with the comfort and sound insulation superior to the average vehicle on the highway. For the price and quality, we have not found a comparable Product. "

-Rick B.

"I`ve been very satisfied with your product in my 99 Z28 camaro, so for my son`s birthday I installed 20sq.ft. of Damplifier and 4 sq.ft. of OverKill-Pro in his 04 cavalier coupe. The first words I heard him say after a test drive was "WOW, it`s so much quieter in my car now!".And to top it off his door speakers sound a lot smoother now! I installed 7.5 sq.ft. of Damplifier in each front door along with 2 Sq.ft.of OverKill-Pro glued to it. The remaining 5 sq.ft. went under/behind the two front seats. .. "

-Ronald B.

"Second Skin Audio`s Damplifier Pro has Greatly reduced the amount of road noise and vibration Present in my vehicle. The product is not only great at the job it is designed to do but was also very simple to install... would definitely recommend to anyone!"

-Drew S.

"My second car receiving the full Second Skin treatment is a champion 1967 Austin Mini Cooper S restoration that was physically painful to drive with practically no OEM dampening, race exhaust and a high-revving 1300 four-banger. My ears would ring after just five minutes. After just two packs of Damplifier Pro we can have a quiet conversation inside - it`s completely different car. Now the whole family can enjoy it and I can even drive the kids to school. The change is just unbelieveable, just like it was for my previous SS car. I will be adding Motor Mat Pro to quiet down the external engine noise soon. Thanks to Second Skin I`ll be able to justify a Focal/Fosgate/Rainbow stereo in a car that used to sound like the inside of a cement mixer.

-Todd D.

"I bought some Damplifier and installed it in my car and noticed a big difference...I read up the testimonials and the doors do sound deeper like that other member mentioned...My ride is a bit quieter and the factory speakers seem to have more kick to it. Second Skin also provided great customer service and shipped my product ASAP! Props to the Second Skin Team"

-Emmanuel B.

"Amazing stuff ! I just finished installing Damplifier Pro behind and under the rear seat, and 1 sheet of Luxury liner pro behind the rear seat of my Dodge ram pickup, and what a difference it made. My biggest problem was exhaust noise. I installed a Magnaflow cat back exhaust and a K&N fipk kit on my truck, and boy was it loud inside, terrible drone at freeway speeds. Now it`s a little quieter than the stock exhaust that came on the HEMI on the sport models. Both products are very easy to install, and I am very impressed with the service I have received from Second Skin. You can`t go wrong with any of these products, or this company!"

-Robert S.

"When choosing deadening products I had alot of choices. I decided to try the Second Skin Damplifier Pro and my Lord, this is by FAR the best product i`ve used! I found the thicker foil to be actually easier to work with. I know this doesn`t sound right but it just seems to mold better into creases and is rock solid once installed. I have used some other products that wouldn`t quite stay put once posistion but the thicker foil seems to have solved that. All I can say is my car was once considered a "touring" car, but now has become a LUXURY touring car! Thanks for making great product Second Skin!"

-Aubrey C.

"I just bought some Damplifer from this company.I wanted a quality sound deadening mat for my home audio in wall speakers.I really liked using this product was 10x easier to use than other brands,and works just as well if not better!my boston acoustic inwall`s sound so much better now.Also helps a lot to keep the sound in one room not the whole house.And a side note this company shipped my product extremely fast too!I cant say enough about this shipping,great products at reasonble prices.I am going to buy more; I am going to do the same for my rear surrounds as well."

-Todd H.

"Being new to car audio, I had gone out and bought some Dynamat at the local store. I read about Damplifier Pro online and got ahold of a door kit. First of all, I like handling the Damplifier better; it cuts more easily and is easier to work with than Dynamat. More importantly, i t works better in my opinion. Here`s an example: one door is fully Dynamatted, the other three are Damplifier`d. When I close them, the three make a "thunk", nice and solid, and the one makes a more hollow "clonk". The one with Dynamat, that is. Scientific? No, I suppose. But my ears tell me which product is deadening the doors more. Next up is the trunk and package tray! Thanks, Anthony, for a great product at a realistic price, and for top-notch personalized service."

-Pete A.

"After doing my research I chose to go with Second Skin. I am installing the Damplifier on those trouble areas in my vehicle. I have noticed a increase in the midrange from my front door speakers, also the doors sound solid now when I close them. Installation is very straight forward, the Damplifier easily conforms to all the curves and angles in the vehicle. I will be purchasing Overkill next to complete the install and I have confidence that the Overkill will be of the highest quality also. The customer sevice is great and shipping was super fast. Well worth the little extra money for a far superior product. Thanks Second Skin."

-Jason M.

"Just did 20 sq ft of Damplifier Pro in the trunk of my 300c and it has made a huge difference. I am going to do a second layer on the trunk lid and the spare tire well, and then cover it all with Overkill, but let me just say, the first layer made about 10x difference! With the cost and performance, anyone who buys another product is an idiot!"


"Hello Second Skin, I was ready to sell this car after only 6000 miles. For what I paid for this car the road noise was unbearable and unnaceptable. I used installed Damplifier Pro last night and went for a test drive and simply cannot beleive the difference. I took sound level readings with a high quality sound meter before the install and will take the readings again later this w eek when I finish the other areas in the car. I will also post all of this info at so that other owners can benefit from this modification. Thanks, Rod S."

-Rod S.
Second Skin Customer

"I just want to say Second Skin audio has has some of the best customer service on the market. Their product is amazing. It is a little more expensive than dynamat but WELL WORTH IT!! i recommend this product to anyone that wants sound dampening, heat insulation, etc. THANKS GUYS!! look foward to promoting you at upcoming shows."

-Kevin K.
Second Skin Customer

"This is the first time I've ever had a car with sound deadener, and I gotta say this stuff is amazing, my 91' Nissan 240SX rides as quiet as a new Mercedes! My speakers sound more defined and it doesn't sound like midgets wrestling in the trunk. I've installed other sound deadeners on other vehicles before and the ease of installation is awesome, and it stays put! Way to go Second Skin, awesome product!"

-Broc E.
Carolina Car Stereo

"Second Skin, As usual, lightning fast shipping and awesome product. It's amazing what the damplifier has done. I am running 2 10" IDMAX in an infinite baffle configuration, and after a few minutes of listening, I feel naseous. I am used to much bigger drivers, but with the use of extensive damplifier and your other products, it's made the sound much bigger. James "

-James O.
Second Skin Customer

I took my decibel meter for a ride on the highway in my new Mazda3 Sport GT and I'm now getting 65-67dbA ‎on new asphalt and 70-71 on the worn out parts. It was 3-4dbA more before the CLD in the hatch and spectrum in the wheel wells. Much more tolerable. I can actually have a conversation in the car without shouting. Very pleased.


That's awesome, thank you! I've been a fan of Second Skin for several years (Dynamat convert) and used your products on previous projects. The promo code will get me started on my Mazda5. I'll be sure to add some pics.


"Thanks for following up. Your customer service is second to none, and for me defines your company since there are many other options out there. Thanks!”

Second Skin Customer

"I've received the goods .. 2 days ago .. and I'm already into the installation which is going well. Thank you for the immediate shipping and your generosity in including additional material and the roller and knife. It's a measure of your high business ethics and standards that you did so and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to others here in Australia. It was a pleasure doing business with such a professional. I'll let you know what the final result is like .. which I'm sure is going to be brilliant. Kind regards David Raw "

-David Raw
Second Skin Customer

"I have a Jeep Wrangler with a fiberglass shell, its not as loud as an army tank but you really need ear plugs to protect your ears from the vibrations and resonance. I ordered Damplifier Pro, received it in 2 days, applied it in a half hour and I am amazed at the results. It's like a completely different vehicle, the vibrations are gone, the stereo sounds great, my wife will drive it now, WOW !!! Thank you very much for a great product."

-Rick Boyajian
Second Skin Customer

"OMG! This stuff is amazing! Huge difference. I put Damplifier in my doors and vents. I used Damplifier Pro on my firewall and floors. Then I put Overkill on my firewall and floors. My restoration sounds like a brand new car. I'm telling all my car buddies to buy SecondSkin products. Thanks SecondSkin!"

Ghostbuster forum member

"I use Second Skin in all of my personal builds and in my customers cars. Luxary liner pro is not a exception. it is an easy to use but high quality product that is amazing when installed correctly. I have convinced people to not get rid of their 10 year old cars just by simply using some damplifier pro and some luxary liner pro because they felt like it was a new car. I used this product in my last 2 cars with the most recent being my 2016 Mazda 6.

This product is super easy to install. Just lay it down, cut it with a sharp razor knife from the vinyl side and about 80% through foam. At this point the product will separate easily like a perforated piece of paper. You can glue this down using spray glue (foam side), stick this on using second skin double sided tape, or even get some Velcro brand Velcro and have a removable.

I go about 85mph every day to and from work so road noise was a huge issue even in my already quiet car by normal standards. Now I enjoy almost airplane like silence as I glide down the road listening to my muof choice at a moderate volume while I wake up and prepare for the day to come.

No quiet car is complete with out Luxary Liner Pro. Do not hesitate to give it a try."

- Jeffrey H.

"Used it to do the roof, floor pans, and doors in my 70's Ford truck. Wow is all I can say. Made cab very sound and doors shut much more solid rather than truck sounding like a tin can when they shut. Well worth the money"

- Allen W.

"I acquired samples from a few popular manufacturers of their sound deadening products ranging from Second skins 40 mill Damplifier product to asphalt based 110 mill thick and 80 mill thick butyl. I applied these samples to 2.5" x 6" heavy gauge steel clips I got from a lumber yard and hung them from wire in my garage. After striking each one with a hammer to hear for myself which one was more effective I was blow away by how much more effective this thin butyl CLD product was. I thought the 40 mill thickness was going to be its weakness and I was wrong. It was by far the most effective one at reducing the vibrations and ping after my hammer struck each sample. I was a skeptic but now I'm a believer that Second Skins Damplifier is extremely effective at doing what they claim it does. If you're going to go through the trouble of spending your weekend taking your interior apart than don't skimp on the product and get the best one for your money. I will be installing this in my brand new CX5 for sure. I also want to say the quality of this product is excellent. The aluminum constraining layer was by far the thickest of them all and it actually feels like real aluminum (some were questionable). It's also light, which for me is important. BTW I only covered 40% of the surface area of the clip and I feel this is more than enough to do the job. Any more than 40% coverage is not necessary and won't give you much benefit in return. After installing Damplifier from the rear floor pan back to the rear hatch (40 sq ft) and all four doors Im getting a 3 db decrease in sound from the baseline at 70 mph. It went from 74 db to 71 with the noisy stock 17" tires. Next Im going to do the firewall and floor pan under the front seats. I'm also going to try their MLV on the firewall."

- Average Audiophile

"I tore the entire interior out of an old 2003 Jetta I had and coated it for my infiniti/EV sound system back in 2012. also put the pads behind door speakers. the sound quality was amazing and even with all of the bass there wasn't a single rattle heard on the exterior of the vehicle."

- Chris H.

"Second Skin products were great. Shipped and arrived super fast, and was very easy to work with! This was my first sound treating project and I'm glad I used the best, the first time around. I can't wait to start some other projects around the house and utilize their awesome products! Thank you guys for everything!"