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Second Skin Videos

Posted by Eric on


"Inside West Coast Customs: Steampunk VW Build"

Nissan 240SX RestoMod Build with SAABKyle

Door Install and Speaker Tweakers Nissan 240SX RestoMod Build with SAABKyle

Damplifier Pro Door Install By Steve Meade Father & Son Build

Damplifier Pro RZR 900 Doors vs Foil/Styrofoam RZR 900 Doors By Steve Meade

Damplifier Pro & Luxury Liner Pro With Buzz Thompson

Damplifier Applied on Hood With Buzz Thompson

Damp Pro Applied to RZR Off Road Vehicle By Steve Meade

40 Pound B Stock Box Install By Eric

Increase Door Mid Bass By Mark of CAF

Trunk & Door Treatment By Mark of CAF

Door Application By Show Time SPL

Damp Pro Headliner Install By Razon

Full Car Install By Jeremy R. Part 2

Damp Pro Installed on Trunk of Honda Accord By Marweezy91

Damp Pro on Roof of Rolling Thunder By Will G.

Damp Pro B Stock On Roof Install By DC Radillac

Damp Pro Floor Install By EXO

Damplifier Lite Installed By Buzz Thompson (No Longer Available)

B Stock Damp Pro Install Test By Jeffery J.

Damp Pro Installed On Car Doors By ChevelleSS

Damplifier Applied To Roof By mporettim

Damplifier Pro and Speaker Tweakers To Improve Midbass By BurkeBass 

Damplifier Pro To Increase Strength On Kick Pods By Steve Meade of SMD

Damplifier Pro and Damplifier Rope Trunk Install By BanginBros 

Damplifier Pro After Install View By 06RTCharger

Difference Between Sound Deadened Roof and Non Deadened Roof By 06RTCharger

Hood Install by AMD Installation


Spectrum Sprayed on 24 Layer Ported Speaker Box By Steve Meade

Spectrum Sprayed On 20 Layer Side Mount Spare Tire Box

Spectrum Sprayed on 1969 GTO

Spectrum Sprayed With Buzz Thompson

Spectrum Sprayed in Jeep By ANT

Spectrum Sprayed On Fender of Honda Odyssey By Eric

Spectrum Sprayed On Warehouse Cart By Eric

Spectrum To Spectrum Sludge Conversion With Activator By ANT (Warning For Language)

Applying Spectrum Using A Hand By Jeffery J.

Spectrum Sprayed On Hood Of Dodge Avenger By Eric


"Inside West Coast Customs: Steampunk VW Build"

Nissan 240SX RestoMod Build with SAABKyle

Luxury Liner Pro Applied To Jeep By ANT

B Stock Damplifier and Luxury Liner Pro Trunk Install By Eric

Installing Luxury Liner on Full Interior By Mark of CAF

Luxury Liner Pro Install 2006 Silverado By Jeremy R.

Over Kill Applied To Door By Buzz Thompson

Laying Out Luxury Liner Pro For Install By 06RTCharger

How To Sound Deaden A Doorway Luxury Liner & Mega Zorbe Hydrophobic Melamine Foam by Second Skin


Thermal Block & Damp Pro On Hood of Tahoe By Steve Meade

Thermal Block Installed on Hood By ImBassBallin

Thermal Block Being Trimmed To Install By ImBassBallin


"Inside West Coast Customs: Steampunk VW Build"

Door Install and Speaker Tweakers Nissan 240SX RestoMod Build with SAABKyle

Melamine Foam Compared: Mega Block vs The Competitors Melamine By Ken Kanefield

Two Guys Garage Video

Speaker Tweakers Explained by ShowtimeSPL

A Team Second Skin Vehicle Blowing Out Windshields 

Competitor Xylene Test By Eric

Unboxing Video of Damp Pro and Spectrum Sludge By Jesse A.

1 Layer of Damp Pro vs 3 layers of Other Brand By Aubrey C.

Trunk Install Knock Test 2006 G35 By Levon P.

Challenger Trunk Install By Two Guys Garage

Fillers Used In Damplifier Explained By ANT

Buzz Thompson Mr T Skit With SPL Tiles

Damplifier and Spectrum Used To Handle a 5,000 Watt System By Jesse BassFelon Adkins

Damplifier Rope Used On Rear Window Wing By Steve Meade of SMD

Spectrum, Spray Gun. Wire Tape, & Plasti-Wrap On Dodge Avenger By Eric