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Why Second Skin?

There are many choices when it comes to automotive noise and heat control, so why chose Second Skin Audio?

  • Manufactured in the USA of high quality materials
  • Specifically designed to meet tough automotive safety standards
  • Over built to over perform
  • Customer service is second to none

Did you know Second Skin is utilized in the following industries?

  • Aftermarket automotive upgrading/restoration
  • Car audio enthusiast
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Aerospace industry
  • Military applications 
  • Hollywood/Professional sporting productions

Do not be fooled by imitations. Some sound deadener companies try to pass off similar looking products, and will even use names similar to Second Skin. These products are typically made from inexpensive alternatives to butyl rubber such as asphalt, tar, and bitumen, making them more effective as roofing material than sound insulation. Though these roofing products may be less expensive, but they are: much lower quality, do not perform well, and may even out-gas harmful vapors and/or fall off.  

In contrast, Second Skin's vibration mats Damplifier & Damplifier Pro, are designed specifically for sound insulation and engineered for intense temperature ranges in automobiles. The butyl is formulated to have a specific gravity, viscosity and adhesion strength. This allows it to excel at reducing the most common automotive frequencies associated with road, engine, and exhaust noises. At 6.5 mil thickness, the annealed aluminum constraint layer on Damplifier and Damplifer Pro is one of the thickest in the industry.

Our products are not only high quality, effective, and most are made in the USA; if you compare our specs and prices to other name-brands you will find Second Skin's performance is superior, our prices competitive, and customer service is second to none!

There is not one product that can effectively handle all types of noise and heat in a car. Many companies limit themselves to a single product or single type of product. Some only sell liquids, while others only sell vibration mats. At Second Skin, we recognize that everyone has a unique car with different goals. One customer might want to use a peel and stick mat, while another would rather use a spray gun or brush/roller with Spectrum liquid sound deadening to more efficiently cover large areas. That is why we offer both options.

Regardless of the company, many will have you believe that their one product is capable of doing everything. This is simply and scientifically not true. In order to block different frequencies caused by different issues (i.e. tires resonating through the wheel wells, road noise vibrating up through the floor, hollow doors acting like an echo chamber, etc.) some installs work best with CLD mats, others with liquids, others require composites and barriers, or a combination of products. Second Skin offers the best products available in each of these categories.

Once one product reaches the limits of its design, we layer on another material that picks up where the previous one left off.  As with all sound insulation products such as constraint-layer dampers, each has a point of diminishing returns. For example, you could load up 5 layers of Damplifier Pro under the carpet and that would reduce a good deal of noise but it would be heavy, thick, and the cost would quickly outweigh the results. Using multiple different products to fit your situation will produce a far more desirable outcome for your project and wallet! 

At Second Skin, we will always shoot it to you straight. We encourage you to do your homework, ask questions, browse competitors' sites, and check out forums such as SMD or other car-specific forums. We are confident that an informed customer is a happy one.

Ken Kanefield
Owner, Second Skin Audio