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Thermal Block™ Strips (Set of 8) - 36" x 6" each - 12 sqft Total

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Product Description

Thermal Block is the best thermal barrier we offer, extremely lightweight and deflects heat up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. This self adhesive mat is designed to face the heat source directly to reflect radiant heat and dissipate convectional heat. This composite heat shield has 3 layers of heat rejecting material for the ultimate in automotive thermal insulation.

Thermal Block is a flexible, stick-on heat shield.  Its multi-layer structure provides a cost-effective, durable and more easily installed alternative to all-metal heat shield. 

Thermal Block is made of a reflective aluminum surface, a non-needled, non-woven fiber insulation layer and a pressure sensitive adhesive:

  • The pressure sensitive adhesive allows Thermal Block to be directly attached to most automotive surfaces.

Thermal Block is intended to be applied to the surface to be protected, and can be used on body structure surfaces, fuel tanks, fascias, suspension components, etc. 

Apply on the engine side of the firewall, or under the car, above the exhaust for the ultimate in pre-cabin heat treatment.

Typical Places Of Use:

  • Engine side of the firewall
  • Under the hood
  • Under carriage above exhaust, catalytic converter, or pipes. 


Strip Sizes = 36" x 6" (1.5 sq. feet)
Thickness = 1/4" (.250")
Mass/Area = .175 lbs per sq. foot
Total weight per sheet = 1 lbs +/- .25lbs (4 Strips equal a sheet)
-20 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit
Thermal Block has been tested against General Motors GMN10046, Ford WSS-M9932A/B and Chrysler MS-10943:
  • Testing performed on e-coated steel substrate, with PPG, BASF and Cormax finishes.
  • Additional adhesion - based testing performed on TPO, ABS, HDPE.
Solvent Resistance Test: Resistant to Water, Salt Solution, Oil, Sulfuric Acid, Coolant, Trans Fluid, Brake Fluid, and Gasoline.
Flammability Test: Passes FMVSS302
Recommended application temperature for best results is 65 degrees F or above.
When applying the Thermal block clean surface with denatured alcohol and make sure it is free from oils, dirt, dust, powder, or grease contaminants. 

Noise Reduction Uses...

By nature, anything placed between the source of the noise, and the passengers, will, to some degree, reduce noise. 
Because this product has a organic fibrous core, it will reduce some airborne sound waves. When placed on the engine side of the firewall, not only will it block a ton of heat, but it will also reduce some of the engine noise that usually penetrates the vehicles cabin.

For best acoustical results using this product, first apply a layer of our Damplifier Pro vibration mat, on the engine side of the firewall, and then apply this product on top of it to keep the heat out.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal Block is the best thermal reflecting insulation we offer.
This self adhesive barrier is designed to face the heat source directly to reflect radiant heat and dissipate convectional.
This composite mat has 3 layers of high quality thermal insulation for the ultimate in automotive thermal insulation.


Is Thermal Block self-adhesive?

-Yep! Thermal Block has it's own Super-durable, high heat resistant adhesive. Just peel off the clear backing and stick it where you want it!

How much heat will Thermal Block actually insulate my car from?

Thermal Block will reflect radiant heat and dissipate convectional heat up to 800 degrees.

What are the most common and most effective uses for Thermal Block?

-Most people like to use Thermal Block on their firewall, but it also works great for blocking exhaust heat. Really anywhere you can apply Thermal Block facing a heat source is an effective place to apply it.

Where SHOULDN'T I apply Thermal Block?

- The interior of you car is usually NOT a good place to install Thermal Block. Remember, Thermal Block needs to be applied FACING the heat source, metal side towards the heat.


Product Videos

Second Skin Thermal Block Hood Liner - SMD Chevy Tahoe 06:19

This is the install of my new hood liner from Second Skin. I decided to use "Thermal Block" so almost no heat radiates through my hood with that brand new paint on it. This also helps with some of the noise from under the hood. Of course, a layer of Damplifier Pro before that, just like the rest of the Tahoe. Visit my forum and take advantage of some of the SMOKIN' deals that Second Skin has available to the members! Join today! Remember also that supporting members see no google ads and have more perks then free the banner to the right hand side for details!

  • Second Skin Th...
    This is the install of my new hood liner from Second Skin. I ...

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