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Spectrum Wire Tape - 1/4" x 90 ft

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Product Description

Second Skin Spectrum Wire Tape is an excellent accessory for use with Spectrum liquid sound deadener. When brushing, rolling, or spraying Spectrum or troweling Spectrum Sludge onto a project area, we recommend protecting your vehicle from over spray. Spectrum can stick to standard masking tape making clean removal difficult. This is where Spectrum Wire Tape comes in handy: a thin wire is embedded in the tape which will create clean and straight lines on your project. We recommend using Spectrum Wire Tape on all Spectrum/Spectrum Sludge projects. Add our easy to use pre-taped plastic rolls and you have the perfect combination to create easy clean up and straight even lines. Using Spectrum Wire Tape and Spectrum Pre-Taped PlastiWrap will save time on prep work and clean up.

Spectrum Wire Tape uses high-strength wire filament which has the ability to cut through the toughest of coatings. This adhesive tape is positioned on a surface along the desired trim line where the coating is to be applied creating a precise line when removed as it cuts from the bottom up.

Spectrum Wire Tape makes the process of installing a spray on sound deadener or bed-liner much faster and easier. Check out the information below to see why wire trim tape is the best option for your installation.

Product Description:

1 Roll is 1/4" wide by 90' long and is usually enough to do one projects lines.

Benefits of using Spectrum Wire Tape:

  • Enables sharp, precise cuts through tough polymer coatings
  • Cut from the bottom up, protecting the surface


How To Use Spectrum Wire Tape:

  1. Position the tape with the filament bearing edge along the desired trim line.
  2. Spray Spectrum/Spectrum Sludge or bed-liner coating.
  3. Pull the wire filament out and through the coating.

Application Process

Spectrum Wire Tape is used to trim many types of coatings. Below is the application and removal process for the full installation.

Step One: Applying

Remove grease, wax, grime, and silicone from a dirt free surface. Then apply Spectrum Wire Tape along all trim lines. For best results, notch tape to conform to tight corners and gently stretch the tape around curves.

Step Two: Masking

Apply Spectrum Pre-Taped PlastiWrap, our pre-folded masking film, or masking paper. Spectrum Wire Tape is durable enough to withstand most prep work. The special adhesive permits re-positioning if required.

Step Three: Spraying

Proceed to spray, brush, or roll on Spectrum to the project area just as you would normally, directly over the Spectrum Wire Tape and any other masking products you used in preparation for the spray job.

Step Four: Cutting

Pull the wire through the coating to provide a clean finished edge at an angle that suits your style. Always pull wire out as soon as possible after application.

Step Five: Finishing

Remove Spectrum Pre-Taped PlastiWrap or masking paper and tape to complete the trimming process.

Spectrum Wire Tape Tips & Helpful Hints:

Roll of Wire Tape is spooled backwards

If it appears that your spool of Wire Tape product has been wound backwards, it actually has only been positioned improperly after its last use. Please note the following steps to rectify the situation:

  • Lift up the end of the tape approximately 1 inch.
  • Separate the double-sided tape from the liner.
  • Hold the liner to the roll of the tape. Do not let it go.
  • Unroll the double sided tape 1 rotation of the spool.

You should now find that the tape should have the liner back on top again and you can now commence using Wire Tape for your spray-on, roll-on, brush-on project.

Adhesive is left behind after tape is removed

As a rule, Spectrum Wire Tape should never leave adhesive residue behind once the tape has been removed from the vehicle. Try pulling the tape at a slower pace in order to ensure that all the adhesive remains with the tape and does not stay on the vehicle.



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