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Spectrum - 1 Gallon

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Product Description

Spectrum™ is a water based acrylic polymer under coating designed to reduce sheet metal resonance and structure borne noise. It is a true viscoelastic sound deadener that can make any vehicle quiet as a luxury car.

Now made with Cryogenically manipulated polymers and high temperature wax, Spectrum is the only product on the market of its kind! Water based so there is no chemical out gassing or harmful vapors, no mask or ventilation system needed to apply. 

Spectrum can be applied as an interior coating on the sheet metal behind the upholstery, on doors, trunks, firewall, engine bay firewall, ceiling, and hood. It can also be used as an acoustical undercoating on the outside of the floor pan to create tomb like silence and provide mechanical protection from rust.

When applied to the interior and exterior floor pan, Spectrum can reduce 300% more road, engine and exhaust noise than traditional OEM dampers and tar boards, all at half the weight. Once cured it will form a water resistant bond and protect the covered metal from rust forming. Spectrum can withstand 400 degrees F of temperature without issue, so it is safe to use on the hood and engine bay firewall, as long as it is kept 2" from any heat source. 

Each gallon of Spectrum will cover 10 sqft at the recommended 3 coats totaling a 3mm thickness. Each coat should be applied at 1mm thickness. 30-60 minutes of cure time between coats. After the fianl coat has been applied, the next product or upholstry can be applied after 24 hours of cure time. If you want to paint Spectrum or cover it with a bed liner we recommend you wait at least 7 days for the Spectrum to be totally cured. 

*Spectrum is water based and will not adhere permanently to plastic or fiberglass without first using a water based primer.

** Application surface should be dry and free from rust, oil, dirt and debris prior application. We suggest using denatured alcohol to clean the surfaces because it does not leave behind a film like degreasers do. For high rust climates and previously rusted metal we recommend using a primer like POR 15 first. **

*Do not freeze and thaw. If product freezes do not mix, shake, or move the gallon until completely thawed. Do not apply product in temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spectrum and Spectrum Sludge are not bedliners they do not get egg shell hard like bedliners, they will hold up to daily driving rocks/mud in wheel wells and under carriages just fine. If you wish to use Spectrum or Spectrum Sludge in your truck/jeep bed or floor area you will need to cover it with a bedliner or other material to protect the Spectrum from heavy weight item hits, rocks in shoes, and other rough treatment that bedliners protect from. 

Spectrum Spray Gun Suggested Requirements:

5 - 6.5 CFM @ 50 - 80 PSI (It will Spray without those settings, it will just take longer as you will need to allow the tank to fill up before re-starting the spray)

Typical Places of Use:

  • Under Carriage
  • Wheel Wells
  • Truck Bed
  • Door Skins - Outer Skin & Inner Door Frame.
  • Floor - From the front firewall all the way back to rear deck seat wall.
  • Firewall - Cabin side firewall or engine side firewall (450 degree heat rating). 
  • Van/Semi/SUV Panels - All over those large, flimsy, resonating sheets of metal.
  • Pillars - A, B, and C pillar areas. 
  • ATV Under Bodies & Plastics
  • Trunk - Floor of trunk, walls of trunk, and trunk lid. Don't forget to get that spare tire area covered too.
  • Generator Boxes - RV, Van, or any place a generator is used, place the product around the generator enclosure to kill the vibration noise (Must be 2" away from generator heat sources)
  • Computer tower walls - Kills the vibration noise resonating through the metal wall.
  • Screen Doors - Apply the product in strategic places throughout the door to stop the load banging when closed.
  • Money Counting Machines - Used inside of shell to quiet down the noisy coin dropping.
  • Warehouse Carts - Apply to the bottom of the cart to reduce tinny, clunky noises. 
  • HVAC Ducts/Units - Applied tot he metal ducts or unit housings to cut down on the vibration noise.
  • Elevator Shafts 


Weight per wet gallon = 12.5 lbs.
Weight per cured gallon = 11.0 lbs

Coverage: 1 gallon = 40 sq ft @ 1mm thickness

Coverage: 1 gallon = 10 sqft @ 3 mm thickness (2-3 Coats) Recommended

Appearance & Physical State        Pigmented liquid/paste

Color                                             Wet Blue/Black once cured

Odor                                              Very Mild Solvent/None when cured

Viscosity                                        4000 centipoise

Specific Gravity (water = 1)         1.45

Vapor Density (air = 1)                 >1

Boiling Point                                  >400 Degrees Fahrenheit

Solubility in Water                         Soluble  

Percent Volatile                             25

Layer Thickness                             1 mm or 0.040"



Noise Reduction Uses...

Whether you are looking to quiet down your hot rod, or make your daily driver comfortable as a luxury car, Spectrum has proven to be the most popular & most efficient coating on the market.

Here is a quick lesson: 

Much of the reducible noise in any car is structure borne, meaning it comes from vibrations, like a wind chime. Unlike wind chimes however, our cars are not tuned to any specific musical frequency, so what we end up hearing is the road noise, engine rumble and exhaust drone.

Stopping the vibrations on your cars metal panels is much like stopping a noisy wind chime with your hand. Once the vibrations stop, the noise stops.
Spectrum Kills vibrations in a very similar way. It stops the cars sheet metal from vibrating, thus, killing structure borne noise.

Once Spectrum has cured, the next appropriate step is to apply a noise barrier on top of the vibration damper. Noise barriers like our mass loaded vinyl barrier Luxury Liner Pro

Mobile Audio

If you have an aftermarket, sound system, then you know that a lot of the musical energy is spent, and even wasted by vibrating and flexing the your cars metal panels. Not only are these vibrations loud, and obnoxious, but they also limit the potential of your stereo systems output

Spectrum will help improve your audio system in several ways.

Since it is a vibration damper it will obviously reduce the panel vibration caused from your speakers allowing your music to sound clearer. It also strengthens the cars panels helping to "trap" the bass in your car.

With stronger, non flexing panels, the energy is no longer being wasted and stays inside the car, making your music louder, clearer and less obnoxious to those around you.

Another way Spectrum improves your audio system is by reducing ambient sound like road noise, engine noise & exhaust drone. When you can quiet down the rest of the car, the stereo has less sonic real estate to fight for, and the perceived volume increases.

Even if you are using one of our vibration mats, Damplifier or Damplifier Pro, you can still stand to gain from a gallon or 2 of Spectrum. Adding as little as 1 gallon to to the areas of the car you are unable to reach with your damping mats, can help in increase surface coverage by as much as 15%.

Thermal Insulation

 Spectrum will help reduce heat. Spectrum is made with Mica, Talc, Calcium Carbonate, and crushed rubber. All of these ingredients help stop thermal transfer.


What is the difference between Spectrum & Sludge?
Spectrum and Sludge are nearly identical products. The only difference is the viscosity. Spectrum has the consistency of heavy chocolate syrup and is easy to spray, brush or roll on. 
Sludge has the consistency of peanut butter and is too thick to spray, but can easily be applied with a putty knife, trowel or paint brush. Due to the ultra viscous nature of Sludge, only one thick coat is needed, making it better for quick and easy installs.
Once cured the products will perform exactly the same, weigh the same and will look nearly identical.

How long does Spectrum take to cure?
like allL water based products Spectrum will take 30 full days to cure but will be dry to the touch in 30-60 minutes depending on the ambient temperature and humidity.

When can I put my upholstery back in place?
We suggest that you allow a minimum of 2 days for Spectrum to dry before reinstalling your upholstery. 

What is better, Spectrum or Damplifier?

Both products are designed to do the same basic function. Reduce noise through the reduction of vibrations. Both have their place, and both excel at specific frequency ranges. This is why we suggest using a combination of damping mat and coatings.

We suggest using Damplifier Pro as your base foundation inside the car, on all the panels hidden by upholstery, then use Spectrum in the hard to reach spots. (A single gallon can increase surface coverage by as much as 15% in a moderate size car which can mean a large reduction in unwanted noise.

Then use the Spectrum independently as and undercoating on the underside of the cars floor pan. This will sandwich the sheet metal floor between Damplifier Pro & Spectrum, allowing for the ultimate approach in vibration deadening.


Suggested Thickness:

Minimum = 40 mils (1mm)
Recommended thickness = 118 mils (3mm)
Maximum = 196 mils (5mm)

Spectrum has a shelf-life of six months, provided it's stored at room temperature.

**Do not freeze and thaw more than twice. Do not mix until completely thawed. Do not apply product in temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.**

Product Videos

Second Skin Audio - Spectrum Sound Dampener 01:58

smd and second skin audio have partnered up! I decided to run a few of their video's to expose you guys to some GREAT products that they offer. Email Ant at or ADD HIM on myspace!

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Product Reviews

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  1. Great Prouduct!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Sep 2017

    Used a paint brush to apply it on my wheel wells, was easy no mess...With the addition of the Damplifier Pro in the interior this product works great and I haven't even purchased the Luxury Liner Pro yet... So far I'm very satisfied!!!

  2. Not what I was hoping for... 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Nov 2016

    I am doing a van conversion and had two goals for this product: 1) provide sound deadening for the floor area, and 2) provide a rust barrier coating for any trapped water under the wood floor. I believe the second goal was attained, but sadly it made no difference in measured sound reduction. Still, I would say it was worth the effort. And it is an effort. I laid down 4 gallons in six coats over the course of a week. Perhaps I didn't lay it down thick enough for each coat, but I needed a cured surface as I had to walk on it to do the actual spraying.

    Cleanup is a task. Make sure you do a thorough job of cleaning the gun after each use. Also, I bought the recommended gun as part of a package. I think it was worth the extra cost rather than trying to source something separately.

    YMMV, but in my case the floor was apparently stiff enough that it made no difference in sound deadening.

    (Second Skin Reply: Each gallon of Spectrum will only cover 10 sqft at the recommended 3 coats applied in 1mm layers each coat, with 30-60 mins between coats, for a total thickness of 3mm. 4 gallons would only cover 40 sqft which is the average floor size of a 2 door car. The average van customer requires 10 gallons and above because vans are usually 100 sqft or more easily (most van customers use 15-20 gallons). We would recommend you calculate your total sqft and then use 1 gallon per every 10 sqft for proper coverage. For any questions regarding the application process or sqft amount needed for a project, do not hesitate to cal 1-800-679-8511 for some help with your order, Monday - Friday 9 am to 4 pm.)

  3. Much improved 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Oct 2015

    I'm running an 82 diesel vanagon. I've installed CCF, MLV & some CLD tiles. They helped for sure. But--when I went back and put spectrum over the engine compartment I noticed an even better improvement. It took me six coats to brush on all the product. it goes on quick and is easy to work with. I thought I was playing mind games until my wife even agreed--it is much quieter. If you've got vibration and noise, consider Spectrum it has worked for me.

  4. Easy to use and Great Results 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Mar 2015

    I got this Spray On/Brush On Spectrum for my wheel wells, to quite down my bigger tires. I sprayed it on at 3 coats equaling about 3-4mm and achieved great results. I can not believe how much of the tire noise it absorbs. Definitely will suggest Spectrum to my friends and family. Keep up the great work Second Skin.

  5. works fine 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Nov 2014

    this seems to be a real good product. went on good with brush or roller. thanks.

  6. Exactly What I Was Looking For! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jun 2014

    The doors on my 1971 Camaro are super long and make a ton of noise. I wanted to add sound deadener, but Dynamat would add weight which is really hard on the door hinges on these cars.

    I decided to try Second Skin to see if it would help. I bought one gallon and the spray gun.

    I've never done any spraying before but it was super simple. Just pour it in the spray gun, set the pressure to 80psi and fire away. The only advice I have is to get a few disposable funnels which helps makes clean up a breeze. I also taped everything off carefully to avoid overspray, but I was impressed with the relative lack of splatter (given the type of material).

    The spray gun has a "tip" on the end which enables spraying through the access holes in the door. I had removed the windows, regulators and locks which made it easy to cover everything.

    With one gallon of Second Skin Spectrum, I was able to apply 4 coats on each door (about 2-3mm) and 2 coats under the dash on the back of the firewall.

    I could definitely hear the resonance difference when tapping my knuckles on the door (before and after). Thanks!

  7. great stuff, esay to apply 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Oct 2013

    I insulated some of my Porsche Cayman with acoustic mat material, which did less than I was led to believe. So I did some research and found Spectrum Sludge. I covered the wheel wells and bottom of the rocker panels with it and was pleasantly surprised to find that doing just these areas had a much greater effect than the many square feet that I covered with the mat. It went on easily with a brush to the desired thickness, which I checked periodically during the process. Clean up was easy and the staff was very helpful as well. I highly recommend this product.

  8. great stuff 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Jun 2013

    I got the gallon bucket and gun. did my doors and all of my trunk 4 coats. Sound from my exhaust was way quieter before I even put the overkill on it.
    spend the extra money and get the gun will make it easy to get it on nice and even. love that it is water based easy to clean up little spots of overspray on my window.

  9. Extremely easy to install, and very effective. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Nov 2012

    Extremely easy to install, and very effective. I used Second Skin Spectrum to quiet down the road noise in a classic '63 Merc, and it functioned perfectly. Very easy to brush and spray on, and dried quickly with no residual odor, Highly recommended.

  10. I’ve used 3 types of mats and Second Skin Damplifier wins hands down! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Nov 2012

    I’ve used 3 types of mats and Second Skin Damplifier wins hands down. I'd recommend this product to anyone. I also applied a gallon of Spectrum to my rear quarter panels and wheel wells. After driving to work today for 20 mins, I noticed the rear is much quieter. The smell after application does not linger like other liquid dampers, and unlike some products, the Spectrum dries a dark grey. Since it is water based, clean up was a breeze. Highly recommended!

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