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OverKill Pro™ Closed Cell Foam - 9 sq. ft - 24" x 54" CCF

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Product Description

Second Skin's Over Kill Pro is a very high quality American made closed cell foam (CCF) product that is a very flexible OEM style foam. Our Over Kill Pro foam is infused with vinyl and rubber, specifically engineered to absorb airborne noise in your doors between the frequency range of 15k Hz and 20k Hz. It is 3 times thicker than our regular Over Kill mat and will do 3 times the work, it is also thick enough to decouple both short and long air borne sound waves. 

When applied on the back of upholstery it creates pressure that isolates rattle and squeaks, helping to improve the luxury car silence of any automobile. Over Kill 1/8" closed cell foam is great at keeping one material from touching another material, which prevents rattling and squeaks. As a closed cell foam it is water proof so there is no worry of holding in water. 

When applied inside thin doors (such as Porsche/Prius doors), on top of our Spectrum or Damplifier vibration dampers, Overkill decouples airborne sound waves that come from the door speakers and helps to reduce the echos inside the doors. 

Over Kill, and all closed cell foam products provide the least amount of noise reduction and are mainly only used to prevent hard materials from touching. 

Typical Places of Use:

  • Decoupler - Between the Luxury Liner (MLV) and the top of Damplifier/Spectrum 
  • Door Skins - On top of a vibration damper for decoupling air borne waves (Luxury Liner on top of that).
  • Floor - On top of a vibration damper for decoupling air borne waves (Luxury Liner on top of that).
  • Ceiling - On top of a vibration damper for decoupling air borne waves between Damplifier products and your headliner.
  • Trunk - On top of a vibration damper for decoupling air borne waves (Luxury Liner on top of that).


Adhesives That Work With Over Kill Pro:



Sheet size =  24" x 54" (9 sq. feet each)(8 Sheets Total for 72 sq. feet)
Thickness  = 3/8" (.375") 
Mass/Area = .22 lbs. per sq foot
Total weight per sheet = 2 lbs. per sheet 

Heat Resistance =  165 Degrees F @ 2" Away from Heat Source

Over Kill Pro and all Closed Cell Foams (CCF) are for interior use. Over Kill should not be used inside of the engine bay or near any heat source, it should be 2" away from any heat source.

* Requires contact spray adhesive (1 can per 4 sheets)

Noise Reduction Uses...

Many people use closed cell foam materials like Overkill Pro on top of vibration mats, but this does very little for noise reduction.

Unfortunately there are several companies out there marketing cheap closed cell foam as noise barriers, and we are left to combat poor marketing by educating our customers on how things really work.

Mass is key when reducing airborne noise, and closed cell foams simply do not have the mass that is required to effectively do the job.

For reducing airborne noise, Overkill Pro will help some, but not nearly as much as our barrier product Luxury Liner and Luxury Liner Pro.

Mobile Audio

Applying a layer of Over Kill Pro inside the doors on top of your Damplifier or Spectrum vibration dampers is the easiest way to improve the acoustics from your door speakers.

First, Over Kill Pro will reduce the airborne sound waves that are able to penetrate the vibration damper. This reduction in unwanted noise will equate to in increase in the desired noise which is your music.

Overkill will also reduce the intensity of distortion causing reflections inside your vehicle. The less noise that is bouncing around the car walls, the louder and clearer your audio system will sound.

Thermal Insulation

Anything you place in front of the heat source will help reduce or slow down the heat. Over Kill Pro will help reduce heat to a small degree but is not specifically designed to do so. Any heat reduction noticed from Over Kill Pro is purely a side benefit, not an intended result.

For the ultimate in heat insulation and sound dampening protection, use a combination of Damplifier Pro followed by Luxury Liner Pro


What is the difference between Overkill and Overkill Pro?
Overkill and Overkill Pro are both made from the same exact closed cell foam. The difference is in the total thickness and weight.

Overkill is 1/8 inch thick
Overkill Pro is 3/8 inch thick

The extra thickness and weight that comes with the Overkill Pro makes it superior to regular Overkill.

What is the difference between Luxury Liner and Overkill Pro?
Luxury Liner is a noise barrier
Overkill Pro is a noise absorbing filter. 
Both products get applied on top of vibration dampers like Damplifier Pro or Spectrum in order to reduce airborne sound waves, but they do it in two totally different ways.

Overkill filters out specific frequencies that are able to penetrate the first vibration damping layer, but because it is so light, it allows many other sound wave frequencies to pass right through.

Luxury Liner is a barrier that blocks and reflects the most difficult airborne sound waves that Overkill Pro is not capable of handling.

Product Videos

Second Skin - OverKill Pro 01:06

Over Kill Pro™ is a very flexible OEM style foam made of closed cell vinyl infused with rubber, specifically engineered to filter noise and vibrations between the frequency range of 200Hz and 2000Hz.

  • Second Skin - ...
    Over Kill Pro™ is a very flexible OEM style foam made of close...

Product Reviews

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  1. it work 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jun 2016

    i used this product and it keep my back of my suv panels and my roof cant wait to her the subs

  2. Foam 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Apr 2013

    Great product works great way quieter

  3. WOW, it`s so much quieter! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Nov 2012

    I`ve been very satisfied with your product in my 99 Z28 camaro, so for my son`s birthday I installed 20sq.ft. of Damplifier and 4 sq.ft. of OverKill-Pro in his 04 cavalier coupe. The first words I heard him say after a test drive was "WOW, it`s so much quieter in my car now!".And to top it off his door speakers sound a lot smoother now! I installed 7.5 sq.ft. of Damplifier in each front door along with 2 Sq.ft.of OverKill-Pro glued to it. The remaining 5 sq.ft. went under/behind the two front seats. ..

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