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Medium Build Package - 55 sqft of Damplifier Pro CLD & 54 sqft of Luxury Liner Pro MLV

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Product Description

In our 18 years of producing automotive noise and heat insulation products for the aftermarket, we have sold a lot of product in the 50-60 sqft range for medium size projects like; Honda Fit/2 Door Pick Ups Ext Cab/Chevy Camaro/Acura Integra/Or any area of 50-60 sqft total. The product in this package is enough to do the average 4 door car cabin area of 55 sqft (floor/doors/rear wall/trunk/firewall). The Damplifier Pro in this package will cover 54 sqft of area to be sound deadened and the Luxury Liner Pro will cover 54 sqft. If you click on the Tools & Accessories Box, you can add a Wooden Hand Roller for the Damplifier Pro and 1 can of Second Skin Spray Adhesive for the 4 sheets of Luxury Liner Pro, both at a discounted bundle price (you will need to add a second can of spray adhesive for the extra 2 sheets of LLP).

We listened to your feedback and have put together a package that is designed to accomplish the most common medium vehicle owner goals, road noise, exhaust drone, and heat. Whether your vehicle is a `68 classic or brand spanking new, this is the best combination of products we offer to achieve your goals:

Always measure your specific vehicle for proper sqft amounts, this package will cover 55 sqft of area!!!

Damplifier Pro - CLD Sound Deadener & Vibration Damper

Damplifier Pro is a self adhesive, foil backed CLD vibration damper. Simply cut, peel & stick Damplifier Pro on the interior sheet metal of any car to destroy unwanted vibrations & structure borne noise.

Designed for street rod builders & car audio competitors, this CLD sound deadener is the best performing CLD vibration mat in its class. Here is why:

Foil - Our black foil is thicker than most of our competitors!
Damplifier Pro has a ultra thick foil, which is thicker & stronger than the most popular selling CLD vibration damping mat on the market. Thicker foil means better sound deadening & vibration control as well as better heat dissipation. 

Butyl Rubber Adhesive - Highest quality 
Damplifier Pro has a butyl rubber adhesive that has less filler content that any sound deadening competitor on the market. More rubber and less mineral filler in your sound deadener adhesive means better vibration damping and noise reduction! This is the most elastomeric sound damper on the market!

Total Thickness - Thicker, Stronger & Heavier
Damplifier Pro is an ultra thick CLD sound deadener.

That means it is 30% thicker than the most popular CLD vibration damper the industry has to offer. More, of a better Sound deadening adhesive means more noise reduction results for less money! 

Every measurable aspect of Damplifier Pro is better than our closest CLD sound damping competitors. Look at their specs and we win. Every, Single, Time!


  • 6.5 mil  foil -BLACK
  • 2 mm total thickness (80 mils) +/- 5
  • .6 lbs per square foot +/- 5% 
  • 12" x 20" (1.67 sq ft.) 33 Sheets

**Always use caution when handling Damplifier products the foil edges are very sharp**

Luxury Liner Pro is our best automotive noise barrier.  
Apply this mass loaded vinyl barrier on top of a vibration damper like our Damplifier Pro mat, in order to block airborne sound waves & create luxury car silence.

If your goal is tomb-like silence, Luxury Liner Pro is a must.

WARNING: Polyurethane Foam on Luxury Liner Pro is not intended for use in engine bays, and must be kept 2" away from any heat source. 


Sheet size =  24" x 54" (9 sq. feet)
Thickness =  Approximately 3/8" 
Mass/Area = 1.0 lbs. per sq foot
Total weight per sheet = 9.0 lbs. per sheet 

* Requires contact spray adhesive (1 can per 4 sheets)


Due to the weight of the high quality mass loaded vinyl we use in this product, you may have issues applying it to the underside of horizontal surfaces, such as the ceiling of your car. if you are worried about these issues, we recommend  Heat Wave Pro as an excellent alternative! Enjoy your new more luxurious ride!


Product Videos

240SX Interior Restoration Part 2: Installing New Carpet & Sound Deadening! 14:11

Like what you see? Subscribe today and stay up to date with my latest reviews, vlogs and projects! In today's video, we dive into a video that's been a few months in the making, part 2 of the interior restoration! This time, I gut most of the interior, lay down sound deadening, install new carpet and more! This made a huge impact. Not only is the cabin far quieter than it used to be, but it also feels more solid. I'm trying to make this car better every chance I get. It's really coming along nicely! Don't forget to catch up on some of the previous updates if you haven't already, enjoy! Previous 240SX build update (Installing a complete audio system): For more info on sound deadening, including materials, tips, installation and more, check out this link: If you've ever thought about swapping out your old carpet for new, be sure to check these guys out: A special thanks to the following: 303 Products: Covercraft: PrestigePac: ***My Social Media Channels*** Website: Online Store: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Drivetribe: (Saabkyle04) I know you’re probably asking yourself, what exactly is Saabkyle04 and why should I subscribe? Aside from being named after my first car that I got in 2004, this channel is all about giving you the opportunity to see cars in-depth and teach you what makes each and every car unique in their own special way. As a long-time automotive enthusiast, I tailor my videos to those who love cars. Over the years, this channel has become well known for my signature in-depth reviews that are designed to be an immersive experience. Also, with project cars, press events and the occasional road trip, I’m always working hard to deliver new and exciting content that’s not only entertaining, but informative. On this channel, you’ll find vehicles from every decade, every price point and every genre, from classics to mainstream and the most elite supercars. There’s literally something for everyone. My goal always has and always will be to have a channel that delivers consistent and quality content time and time again. Of course, the most rewarding thing about all of this is getting to interact with you all, so be sure to check out my social media channels! If all of that sounds good to you, go ahead and hit that subscriber button, you won’t regret it. While you’re here, browse my massive video library and remember, there’s always a lot more where that came from! All the best, Kyle

  • 240SX Interior...
    Like what you see? Subscribe today and stay up to date with m...
  • 240SX Interior...
    Like what you see? Subscribe today and stay up to date with m...

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