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Luxury Liner - Sheets Mass Loaded Vinyl - 1 sheet 54" x 24" (9SqFt)

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Product Description

Luxury Liner is the automotive industries heaviest aftermarket Barium Loaded Vinyl Barrier for sound attenuation. Match up Luxury Liner with a closed cell foam like our Overkill or Over Kill Pro, on top of your vibration damper to block the transmission of airborne sound waves such as road noise, engine noise, and exhaust drone! Please note - Luxury Liner was changed February, 2010, and no longer comes with an open celled foam attached, it is a raw vinyl barrier layer.

Luxury Liner is our best automotive noise barrier. Apply this mass loaded vinyl barrier on top of a decoupler like Over Kill Pro and vibration damper like our Damplifier Pro mat, in order to block airborne sound waves & create luxury car silence. 

The mass loaded vinyl barrier is very flexible and exceeds the industry standard for noise reduction uses.

Typical Places of Use:

  • Door Skins - On top of a closed cell foam decoupler for blocking out sound waves, and thermal insulation.
  • Floor - On top of a closed cell foam decoupler for blocking out sound waves, and thermal insulation.
  • Firewall - On top of a closed cell foam decoupler for blocking out sound waves, and thermal insulation.
  • Van/Semi/SUV Panels - On top of a closed cell foam decoupler for blocking out sound waves, and thermal insulation.
  • Trunk - On top of a vibration damper for decoupling air borne waves, blocking out sound waves, and thermal insulation. 
  • Generator Boxes - RV, Van, or any place a generator is used, place the product around the generator enclosure to block out the noise (Must be 2" away from generator heat sources)
  • Rear Seat Wall - To block out high pitched fuel pump noise/hum. 
  • Construction Walls - Used in doctor's offices, sound studios, and elevator shafts to block out noise.

Adhesives That Work With Luxury Liner:


Sheet size =  24" x 54" (9 sq. feet)
Thickness =   Approximately 1/8"
Mass/Area = 1 lb per sq foot
Total weight per sheet = 9 lbs

Thermal range = -20°F to +180°F

Please note - Luxury Liner requires a special vinyl adhesive found at most hardware stores.  Second Skin Spray adhesive will not

**NOTE** Due to the weight of the high quality mass loaded vinyl we use in this product, you may have issues applying it to the underside of horizontal surfaces, such as the ceiling of your car. if you are worried about these issues, we recommend Heat Wave Pro as an excellent alternative! Enjoy your new more luxurious ride!

Noise Reduction Uses...

Luxury Liner is the final layer of material in a multi step approach.
First, products like Damplifier Pro and Spectrum absorb structure borne noise. Next, a layer of Overkill or Overkill Pro is applied to filter our very specific airborne frequencies.

Luxury Liner is designed to go on top of Dampers and absorbers to block the passage of the most difficult airborne sound waves. When used with out other products Luxury Liner can help make any car quiet as a brand new luxury vehicle.

Mobile Audio

The quieter your car is the louder your stereo system will appear to be. 

Because Luxury Liner does such a good job at killing road noise, engine noise and exhaust drone, the stereo has less sonic territory to fight for. With less unwanted noise the vehicle, the music has nothing to compete with so it sounds louder to the listener.

Thermal Insulation

Luxury Liner is the third best thermal insulation mat we sell. Adding a layer of Luxury Liner on top of Damplifier Pro is by far, one of the best ways you can treat noise and heat at the same time.

For the ultimate in thermal insulation, use a combination of Damplifier Pro followed by Luxury Liner Pro in side the car, with a coating of Spectrum on the under body.


Does Luxury Liner come with a foam backing?
Not any more. Our previous version of Luxury Liner used to have an open cell foam attached to it, but now, we increased the weight of the vinyl by 20% and lowered the price. If you want a Mass Loaded Vinyl with a closed cell backing, look at our Luxury Liner Pro!

What is the difference between Luxury Liner and Luxury Liner Pro?
Luxury Liner and Luxury Liner Pro share a very similar heavy vinyl barrier, but Luxury Liner Pro is a 1 lb psf vinyl barrier bonded to a water resistant closed cell foam while regular Luxury Liner is a 1.25 lb psf  mass loaded vinyl with no foam backing.

Why must I apply Luxury Liner to a foam before putting it on top of my automotive vibration mat?
We recommend applying Luxury Liner on top of a closed cell foam like our Overkill Pro, because the foam acts as a decoupler, and provide a change in density that will allow the airborne sound waves to reflect off of the Mass Loaded Vinyl, away from your ears. Without the foam decoupler, a good amount of the airborne sound waves would pass right through the vinyl and enter the cabin of the car. The foam helps to increase the results the vinyl is able to provide.

Sound Transmission Loss - Luxury Liner Mass Loaded Vinyl 1 lb/ft²

(Sound Transmission Loss, in dB, Frequency in Hz)

 Frequency (Hz)  125  250  500  1000 2000  4000 
 Sound Transmission Loss (dB)  13  17  21  28  33  40




Please note - Luxury Liner requires a special vinyl adhesive.  Second Skin Spray adhesive will not adhere.

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  1. Second Skin`s insulation has my complete recommendation 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Nov 2012

    Second Skin`s insulation has my complete recommendation to anyone looking for a great, simple and affordable way to absorb sound! The guys at Second Skin are so helpful, even to a chick like me. With great service and an amazing product I couldn`t be happier with my truck!

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