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Hood Kit Premium - Damplifier Pro Butyl CLD + MegaBlock Hydrophobic Melamine Foam

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Product Description

Second Skin's Premium Hood Kit is just right for those loud and hot engines to protect the paint job from heat and dampen the noise. The Premium Hood Kit uses the very lightweight MegaBlock Hydrophobic Melamine Foam doing the thermal reflection and insulation instead of the OEM style jute material that is used in our regular Hood Kit with Heat Wave Pro. A perfect pack for insulating your car from engine noise and heat! When you order an upgraded comfort package from the dealer, they will add insulation to the underside of the hood. Now, you can enjoy an even better insulating experience using our Hood Kit! by installing this product on the underside of your hood, you can reduce the engine noise and heat that travel through the hood and through the front cowling under the windshield! Includes all the products and tools required for application on an average sized hood:

Damplifier Pro - CLD Sound Deadener & Vibration Damper

Damplifier Pro is a self adhesive, foil backed CLD vibration damper. Simply cut, peel & stick Damplifier Pro on the interior sheet metal of any car to destroy unwanted vibrations & structure borne noise.

Designed for street rod builders & car audio competitors, this CLD sound deadener is the best performing CLD vibration mat in its class. Here is why:

Foil - Our black foil is thicker than most of our competitors!
Damplifier Pro has a ultra thick foil, which is thicker & stronger than the most popular selling CLD vibration damping mat on the market. Thicker foil means better sound deadening & vibration control as well as better heat dissipation. 

Butyl Rubber Adhesive - Highest quality 
Damplifier Pro has a butyl rubber adhesive that has less filler content that any sound deadening competitor on the market. More rubber and less mineral filler in your sound deadener adhesive means better vibration damping and noise reduction! This is the most elastomeric sound damper on the market!

Total Thickness - Thicker, Stronger & Heavier
Damplifier Pro is an ultra thick CLD sound deadener.
That means it is 30% thicker than the most popluar CLD vibration damper the industry has to offer. More, of a better Sound deadening adhesive means more noise reduction results for less money! 

Every measurable aspect of Damplifier Pro is better than our closest CLD sound damping competitors. Look at their specs and we win. Every, Single, Time!

Mega’Block Hydrophobic Melamine Heat Shield is an aluminum foil-faced fiberglass fabric composite on top of our Mega’Zorbe hydrophobic melamine foam designed to reflect radiant heat while offering excellent sound absorbing attributes with protection to high heat exposure with an easy peel and stick application. Mega’Block hydrophobic melamine heat shield is an enhanced version of melamine foam, which gives exceptional water-resistance properties, which is not achievable with standard melamine foam, while maintaining all other key attributes that are valuable for us in the sound deadening industry. Mega’Block hydrophobic melamine foam is an extremely lightweight material which exhibits exceptional resistance to heat and water, low flame propagation and smoke generation, and toxicity. Mega’Block is differentiated from traditional melamine and polyimide foams by its resistance to moisture absorption and retention, produced by a proprietary process. As with standard melamine foam, it does not drip in the presence of a flame and stops burning after removal of any external ignition source and fuel. It is recommended for both acoustical and thermal insulation in aircraft, aerospace, marine, automotive, and architectural applications where extreme moisture resistance, low flame spread, smoke generation and toxicity are requirements. Mega’Block’s melamine foam is not produced in America like the rest of Second Skins products are, but it is designed and manufactured by a very reputable and high quality manufacturer in Germany and the hydrophobic process is applied here in the great United States of America. Applications for this thermal insulation include hoods, firewalls, above gas tanks and any other areas exposed to extreme heat from exhaust pipes, turbos, etc (product must be kept 2” from any heat source and foil tape should be used on the edges to protect the foam)

  • Extremely thin (0.035") and lightweight (2.3 oz/ft²) composite allows for use virtually anywhere
  • Easy Peel and Stick application with high heat adhesive. Physical fasteners are recommended to install Mega Block to the hood
  • Temperature up to 1000°F in localized areas within a larger area of material
  • Highly polished foil reflects 98% of radiant energy
  • Extremely durable. lightweight and flexible
  • Available as a facing on PMF and other foams to increase temperature resistance and thermal insulation properties 

 Each sheet of Mega’Block Hydrophobic Melamine Heat Shield is 24" x 48" x 1/2" for a total of 8 sqft of coverage

Noise Reduction Uses...

When installed on the hood, this package takes care of the vibrations that travel up from the engine, through the hood, and through the plastic cowling at the base of the windshield, making your sound system easier to hear and your ride that much more comfortable!

Mobile Audio

When installed on the hood, this package takes care of the vibrations that travel up from the engine, through the hood, and through the plastic cowling at the base of the windshield, making your sound system easier to hear and your ride that much more comfortable!

Thermal Insulation

MegaBlock When installed on the hood of your car, this package helps reflect/absorb the heat that radiates off of your engine, through your hood, and through the cowling at the base of your windshield as well as the windshield itself! With this heat source out of your car, you will get a much greater effect out of your air conditioner, making those hot summer drives much more comfortable!



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