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Damplifier Pro™ 20 sq. feet - Trunk Pack 12 Sheets - Butyl Vibration Sheets CLD

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Product Description

The Damplifier Pro Trunk Pack comes with 20 sqft (12 sheets) at 12" x 20" each. Enough product to cover an average sized vehicle trunk or 2 doors or a ceiling or a hood or 2 dr passenger floor (ie truck or meita).

Damplifier Pro - CLD Sound Deadener & Vibration Damper

Damplifier Pro is a self adhesive, foil backed CLD vibration damper. Simply cut, peel & stick Damplifier Pro on the interior sheet metal of any car to destroy unwanted vibrations & structure borne noise.

Designed for street rod builders & car audio competitors, this CLD sound deadener is the best performing CLD vibration mat in its class. Here is why:

Foil - Our black foil is thicker than most of our competitors!
Damplifier Pro has a ultra thick foil, which is thicker & stronger than the most popular selling CLD vibration damping mat on the market. Thicker foil means better sound deadening & vibration control as well as better heat dissipation. 

Butyl Rubber Adhesive - Highest quality 
Damplifier Pro has a butyl rubber adhesive that has less filler content that any sound deadening competitor on the market. More rubber and less mineral filler in your sound deadener adhesive means better vibration damping and noise reduction! This is the most elastomeric sound damper on the market!

Total Thickness - Thicker, Stronger & Heavier
Damplifier Pro is an ultra thick CLD sound deadener.
That means it is 30% thicker than the most popluar CLD vibration damper the industry has to offer. More, of a better Sound deadening adhesive means more noise reduction results for less money! 

Every measureable aspect of Damplifier Pro is better than our closest CLD sound damping competitors. Look at their specs and we win. Every, Single, Time!

Typical Places of Use:

  • Door Skins - Outer Skin & Inner Door Frame.
  • Floor - From the front firewall all the way back to rear deck seat wall.
  • Firewall - Cabin side firewall or engine side firewall (450 degree heat rating). 
  • Van/Semi/SUV Panels - All over those large, flimsy, resonating sheets of metal.
  • Pillars - A, B, and C pillar areas. 
  • Trunk - Floor of trunk, walls of trunk, and trunk lid. Don't forget to get that spare tire area covered too.
  • Generator Boxes - RV, Van, or any place a generator is used, place the product around the generator enclosure to kill the vibration noise (Must be 2" away from generator heat sources)
  • Computer tower walls - Kills the vibration noise resonating through the metal wall.
  • Headphone Mods - Open up your over the ear headphones and place some on the shell to increase music sound.
  • Screen Doors - Apply the product in strategic places throughout the door to stop the load banging when closed.
  • Money Counting Machines - Used inside of shell to quiet down the noisy coin dropping.
  • Warehouse Carts - Apply to the bottom of the cart to reduce tinny, clunky noises. 
  • HVAC Ducts/Units - Applied tot he metal ducts or unit housings to cut down on the vibration noise.


  • 6.5 mil  foil -BLACK
  • 2 mm total thickness (80 mils) +/- 5
  • .6 lbs per square foot +/- 5% 
  • 12" x 20" (1.67 sq ft.) 12 Sheets

**Alway use caution when handling Damplifier products the foil edges are very sharp**

Noise Reduction Uses...

Whether you are looking to quiet down your street rod, or make your daily driver comfortable as a luxury car, Damplifier Pro is the strongest, most resilient vibration damper on the market.

The first acoustical problem in any sound deadening project is structure borne noise This is the harmonics and resonance that is emitted from the cars sheet metal panels, similar to a wind chime. Unlike wind chimes however, our cars are not tuned to any specific musical frequency, so what we end up hearing is the road noise, engine rumble and exhaust drone.

Stopping the vibrations on your cars metal panels is much like stopping a noisy wind chime with your hand. Once the vibrations stop, the  structure borne noise stops.

Traditional noise mats are mostly inefficient mass loaders; heavy & foul smelling tar boards that work by adding weight to the cars metal to quiet it down. This technology is over 50 years old, and for some reasons, is still being promoted by many of our competitors.

Damplifier Pro is not a mass loader or a heavy tar board. 
It is a constraint layer viscoelastic damper that converts the vibrational energy in to low level heat. This conversion of energy makes it 300% more efficient than traditional mass loading tar boards and asphalt mats while weighing half as much!

Simply cut, peel and stick Damplifier Pro to the interior sheet metal of your car to block out unwanted structure borne noise!

Mobile Audio

If you have an aftermarket, sound system, then you know that a lot of the musical energy is spent, and even wasted by vibrating and flexing the your cars metal panels. Not only are these vibrations loud, and obnoxious, but they also limit the potential of your stereo.

Damplifier Pro will help improve your audio system in several ways:

First, and perhaps most obvious, it will kill the vibrations, which will reduce panel distortion and strengthen the area around the speakers. Less vibrations means less unwanted noise and a more stable environment for the speakers to perform in.

Second, it will increase the volume of your music by keeping the acoustical energy in the car rather than letting it escape through the vibrating panels. Volume inside the car increases while nasty panel resonance outside the car is eliminated.

And  finally, Damplifier Pro can improve your audio system is by reducing unwanted ambient noise like road noise, engine noise & exhaust drone. When you can quiet down the rest of the car, the stereo has less sonic real estate to fight for, and the perceived volume increases.

To fully reduce road, engine and exhaust noise, we suggest the use of a noise barrier like Luxury Liner Pro on top of your Damplifier Pro.

Thermal Insulation

 Damplifier Pro is not only our best sound deadening mat, but it also is one mean thermal insulator. The ultra thick foil on Damplifier Pro offers three thermal insulation benefits.

First, the foil acts as a radiant barrier, reflecting heat back towards the source. When used on the firewall, this reduces the amount of heat from making it in to the cabin of the car. Less heat means cooler temperatures. Pretty simple.

Second, the foil heat shield on Damplifier Pro dissipates heat by increasing the surface area, allowing for thermal dissipation and reduction.

Third, the butyl layer slows down any remaining heat on its way in to the cabin of the car. The longer it takes the heat to get to you, the more comfortable you are.

Damplifier Pro is a thermal insulator much like a coffee thermos. If you put hot liquid in the thermos, it stays hot for longer. If you put ice water inside, the ice takes longer to melt. 

This is basically what Damplifier Pro can do for your car. With a couple layers of Damplifier Pro installed, the outside environment has less effect on the internal temperatures of the car.

For the next level of thermal insulation and heat control, add a layer of Heatwave or Heatwave Pro on top of your final layer of Damplifier Pro. 

If you want the ultimate in heat rejection, add a layer of Luxury Liner Pro on top of your final layer of Damplifier Pro


What is the difference between Damplifier Pro and Damplifier automotive vibration damping mats??
Damplifier and Damplifier Pro are the same basic automotive CLD sound deadener mats in terms of product quality, but Damplifier Pro has a total thickness that is twice as thick as our regular automotive vibration mat Damplifier.
The foil on both of our automotive sound deadeners is the same; both 6.5 mils thick. The only difference between the two products is the total thickness of the adhesive. 

What makes Second Skin Damplifier different from asphalt roofing products or sound deadeners that come one rolls?
At Second Skin, we only sell sound deadening products that are specifically designed for automobiles. Unlike roofing products, our CLD vibration damping mats Damplifier and Damplifier Pro use 100% butyl binders with no cheap asphalt filler.  Our CLD sound deadening dampers are non toxic, odorless and designed by automotive industry experts.
The foil on our CLD sound deadener Damplifier Pro is 3 times thicker than that of most roofing products and will not melt, or fail.

Why does Damplifier Pro not come on a roll like less expensive Sound deadening mats do?
Here is an industry secret. Products that come on rolls are roof tapes relabeled as CLD sound deadener mats. There is not a sound deadening manufacturer in the industry that puts CLD constraint layer dampers on a roll. Real sound deadening vibration damper mats will always come in sheets. If it is on a roll, it is not designed as a sound deadener. It came from a roofing manufacturer and was not designed to dampen vibrations in a car. There is no exception to this rule. Companies that sell roofing tape to customers as sound deadening mats, are doing a great disservice to the automotive sound deadening industry, and are ripping off customers for their hard earned money.

How much CLD sound deadening do I need to use in my car to properly sound deaden the vibrations?
When it comes to automotive sound deadening and vibration damping. more is always better, to a point. Covering the flat panels of your cars interior sheet metal panels with as little as 25 percent will reduce harmonic distortion, however in many cases, as much as 50 or 100 percent  CLD sound deadening coverage might be needed, depending on the intensity of the audio system or how loud the road noise, engine noise and exhaust drone is. Applying a MLV noise barrier like our Luxury Liner Pro on top of your CLD sound deadener will more that tripple the sound deadening results from your Damplifier application.


  • 6.5 mil  foil -BLACK
  • 2 mm total thickness (80 mils) +/- 5%
  • Adhesive = Viscoelastic butyl rubber - 99.94% solids content
  • .6 lbs per square foot +/- 5% 
  • 12" x 20" (1.67 sq ft.)
  • High temperature butyl adhesive with increased elastomeric properties
  • Higher rubber content - Less filler content = better performance


Technical Data

ASTM E-756 Testing Results

Click Link Below For Data

Damplifier Pro

Product Videos

Second Skin - Damplifier Pro - Buzz Thompson Shows Us How to Sound Deaden Doors 01:30

Buzz Thompson from Installing Second Skin Damplifier Pro.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Damplifier Pro 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Jan 2017

    Second Skin Damplifier Pro is easy to work with and extra thick. I've tried a lot of other sound deadening brands and nothing comes close to Damplifier Pro. Do it right the first with Damplifier Pro and save yourself the time from having to unpeel and redo a project. Once you slap Damplifier Pro onto your car panel, it stays there forever.

  2. Love the black foil 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jan 2017

    Adheres great. Really like the low key appearance of the flat black foil. I must warn ya if it's your first time using this versus competitors product that the foil is more stiff so it cuts your fingers easier. Oder stunk the first day but has since went away.

  3. vibrations drastically reduced 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Oct 2016

    I own a 2015 Impreza 5MT and while it is clearly less noisy than the 2013 version I owned, it still could use improvement. A knuckle test of the trunk showed that some CLDs might reduce the noise. It did! The road noise is markedly lower, and the tire noise from bumps sounds different as well. Now whatever noises I hear are mostly from the front. It would take a lot of work to get to the firewall there, so I didn't bother. At highway speeds, the noise level is just a tad higher than what you'd find in an Outback or Legacy. I'm glad I took the trouble to have the insulation installed.

  4. Installed as overhead sound suppression in 2013 GMC 2500HD 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Apr 2016

    For Ham Radio, I installed two antennas on the roof of my truck. There was, as expected, noise induced from the antennas vibrating in the wind. One layer of Second Skin cut the noise in half, the second layer makes it just barely perceptible at 75 miles per hour. The product is of high quality, very sticky, and seems to adhere well. It is also easy to work with and the small sized sheets makes it a one person job to install. I am waiting for the southern summer temperatures to rise into the 100s to see if this meets my long term needs but for now I am quite pleased. Look me up on to see the installation in progress. Amateur Radio call sign is AF7KE.

  5. Great product. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Apr 2015

    Bought the trunk pack and had enough to do all doors and most of my trunk. Car sounds much more solid and road noise is much improved. Installation is easy and quick with an extra set of hands. I've had dynamat before and this is thicker and the foil is harder and less likely to cut you.

  6. Damplifier PRO Trunk pack review 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Dec 2014

    Order was placed Monday and received the following Monday via UPS. Although shipping costed 27 dollars to ship to PA from AZ. Can't complain it does have a good weight to the box. So it roughly cost $140 total. I love the made in USA sticker on box. I proudly support US workers. What I do not like on outside box is it tells you what is inside the box. On the inside of box it is full of the black Sheets of damplifier pro with no receipt or any indication of what you ordered. Their are no labels that let you know you have damplifier pro or the regular stuff. I semi feel cheated, No sticker to rep the brand and How do you tell the difference between regular and pro? beats me. I feel I got the regular but paid for pro. As for product I havent installed yet but its stiff in cold flexible in heat. BTW order the wood roller, I didn't order one thinking it came with something to install it with which was my fault for assuming. Will update review after I get roller and install it but for now I rate this 4 star just because there's no indication I have damplifier pro or not and this rating does not reflect actual products performance as I do not know yet.

  7. Sound clarity without the smell of cheap sound dampening products 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jul 2014

    I have a factory JBL premium sound system in my 2011 Camry SE, which rattles the doors like crazy. Damplifier Pro is an easy product to work with, and was the perfect solution. All you need is a sharp utility knife blade and a roller. One layer of Damplifier Pro will satisfy your sound dampening needs, and is a high quality product that will not leave any smell in your car on a hot sunny day. Most cheaper alternatives use asphalt filler material, which makes it smell like a freshly paved asphalt road in your car each time it heats up. You will notice a lot more detail in your music because it won't be drowned out by the annoying rattling of the door panels. You will also notice that your doors will sound a lot more solid when opening and closing them. Similar to what you would find in a luxury vehicle. All in all, this is a great product for the price, and I believe it will satisfy your sound dampening needs.

  8. Easy Sound Deadening for Amatuers 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Aug 2013

    The material is malleable and very easy to work with. Just measure, cut, and stick (tip I learned was a blow dryer goes a long way). I personally like the black mat look to the product, instead of your average foil look. An excellent price for the product to cost. Just one installation of the Damplifier Pro20sq ft trunk pack for your average sedan ( I drive a Pontiac)and the sound quality goes up. In my opinion, you get your bang for your buck for $120 (plus shipping) instead of having someone else over charge you for setting it up. This product, as previously mentioned, is easy to install on your own.

  9. cant wait to test it 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jul 2013

    hi I been looking for something better than dynamat. And I think found one second feels thicker and stiffer.i haven't tried it yet because im still waiting for more scond skin pro to complete the inside of my car so I could start my car system build. thank second skin

  10. good stuff! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Jul 2013

    Put this in the door of my 66 mustang-HUGE difference-amazingly enough the doors are pretty darn quiet now (and if you have ever closed the door of an old mustang...well, you get the idea!) Used the Damplifier Pro-if money were no object, i would do the whole car in it if i could for sure-good product-great service!

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