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Damplifier™ 80 sq. feet - 80 DAMP 40 Sheets Butyl Vibration Sheets CLD

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Product Description

This Damplifier Pack comes with 80 sqft (40 sheets) at 12" x 24" each. Enough product to cover an average sized complete vehicle.

Damplifier or original CLD sheets of 1mm American made butyl rubber on a 6.5 annealed foil, black with a ghosted black SS logo. We designed Damplifier to compete against the best and most popular constraint layer dampers (CLD) the industry has to offer while weighting and costing much less! These sheets will form a strong bond to the metal and kill vibration noises cause by structure borne noise.

Compare the weight & foil thickness to everything else, and you will see, Damplifier is the best automotive sound deadening value in its class! 

With a weight of .35 lbs. per square foot and a 6.5 mil thick foil constraining layer, this self adhesive CLD vibration damper helps insure a cool and quiet ride by killing structure borne vibrations, noise and heat, while saving weight and money.

Thanks to the high temperature & high rubber content butyl adhesive, you will not have to worry about this automotive insulation falling off, peeling, or melting. Damplifier is the perfect automotive sound deadener for every area of the vehicle. Simply cut, peel and stick this foil backed vibration damper under your carpet and upholstery to get better sound deadening results than any other product in its price class!

Typical Places of Use:

  • Door Skins - Outer Skin & Inner Door Frame.
  • Floor - From the front firewall all the way back to rear deck seat wall.
  • Firewall - Cabin side firewall or engine side firewall (450 degree heat rating). 
  • Van/Semi/SUV Panels - All over those large, flimsy, resonating sheets of metal.
  • Pillars - A, B, and C pillar areas. 
  • Trunk - Floor of trunk, walls of trunk, and trunk lid. Don't forget to get that spare tire area covered too.
  • Generator Boxes - RV, Van, or any place a generator is used, place the product around the generator enclosure to kill the vibration noise (Must be 2" away from generator heat sources)
  • Computer tower walls - Kills the vibration noise resonating through the metal wall.
  • Headphone Mods - Open up your over the ear headphones and place some on the shell to increase music sound.
  • Screen Doors - Apply the product in strategic places throughout the door to stop the load banging when closed.
  • Money Counting Machines - Used inside of shell to quiet down the noisy coin dropping.
  • Warehouse Carts - Apply to the bottom of the cart to reduce tinny, clunky noises. 
  • HVAC Ducts/Units - Applied tot he metal ducts or unit housings to cut down on the vibration noise.


  • 6.5 mil  foil - BLACK
  • .35 lbs per square foot +/- 5% 
  • 1 mm total thickness (40 mils) +/- 5%
  • 12" x 24" (2 sq ft.) 40 Sheets

**Alway use caution when handling Damplifier products the foil edges are very sharp**

Noise Reduction Uses...

Now shipping  Damplifier with Black Foil!

The first acoustical problem in any sound deadening project is structure borne noise This is the harmonic resonance that is emitted from the cars sheet metal panels, similar to a wind chime. Unlike wind chimes however, our cars are not tuned to any specific musical frequency, so what we end up hearing is the road noise, engine rumble and exhaust drone.

Damplifier is the perfect sound deadener for this job.
Stopping the vibrations on your cars metal panels is much like stopping a noisy wind chime with your hand. Once the vibrations stop, the structure borne noise stops. Sound deadening defined!

Traditional noise damping mats are mostly inefficient mass loaders; heavy & foul smelling tar boards that work by adding weight to the cars metal to quiet it down. This technology is over 50 years old, and for some reasons, is still being promoted by many of our sound deadening competitors.

Damplifier is not a mass loader or a heavy tar board sound deadener.
It is a constraint layer viscoelastic damper (CLD) that converts the vibrational energy in to low level heat. This conversion of energy makes it 300% more efficient than traditional mass loaded tar boards and asphalt sound deadeners while weighing half as much!

Simply cut, peel and stick this automotive CLD vibration damper to the interior sheet metal of your car to sound deaden unwanted structure borne noise! When it comes to sound deadener, & automotive vibration damping, Damplifier can`t be beat

Mobile Audio

Damplifier will help improve your mobile audio system in several ways:

First, and perhaps most obvious, since it is a sound deadener it will kill the vibrations, which will reduce panel distortion and strengthen the area around the speakers. Less vibrations means less unwanted noise and a more stable environment for the speakers to perform in. 
A car with sound deadening will always sound better than a car without sound deadener!

Second, this automotive CLD sound deadener will increase the volume of your music by keeping the acoustical energy in the car rather than letting it escape through the vibrating panels. Volume inside the car increases while nasty panel resonance outside the car is eliminated. Sound deadening makes everything more solid, and sound better.

And  finally, Damplifier can improve your audio system is by reducing unwanted ambient noise like road noise, engine noise & exhaust drone.  Especially when used with our Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier Luxury Liner Pro. 
When you can quiet down the rest of the car with CLD sound deadening, the stereo has less sonic real estate to fight for, and the perceived volume increases.

To fully reduce road, engine and exhaust noise, we suggest the use of a noise MLV barrier like Luxury Liner Pro on top of your Damplifier sound deadener.

Car Audio Installation | Car Audio Vibration

Thermal Insulation

Damplifier is a thermal insulator much like a coffee thermos. If you put hot liquid in the thermos, it stays hot for longer. If you put ice water inside, the ice takes longer to melt. Sound deadening and vibration damping is only one aspect Damplifier is used for in automobiles!

Damplifier is not only a awesome CLD sound deadener, but it is also a very solid thermal insulator. Damplifier helps reduce automobile heat in several ways.

First, anything you place between the source of the heat, and the passengers will provide some thermal insulation to some extent.

Second, since Damplifier is a CLD sound deadener it has a thick foil layer which acts as a thermal insulation that dissipates heat by increasing the surface area, allowing for heat reduction.

Third, the butyl layer on this CLD vibration damper slows down any remaining heat on its way in to the cabin of the car. The longer it takes the heat to get to you, the more comfortable stay.

This is basically what Damplifier can do for your car. With a couple layers of Damplifier installed, the outside environment has less effect on the internal temperatures of the car.

For the next level of thermal insulation and heat control, add a layer of Heatwave or Heatwave Pro on top of your final layer of Damplifier.

If you want the ultimate in heat rejection, add a layer of Luxury Liner Pro on top of your final layer of Damplifier.


What is the difference between Damplifier Pro and Damplifier CLD vibration damping mats??
Damplifier and Damplifier Pro are the same basic automotive CLD sound deadener mats in terms of product quality, but Damplifier Pro has a total thickness that is twice as thick as our regular automotive vibration mat Damplifier.
The foil on both of our automotive sound deadeners is the same; both 6.5 mils thick. The only difference between the two products is the total thickness of the adhesive.

What makes your automotive sound deadening mat Damplifier, different from asphalt roofing products or sound deadeners that come rolled up?
We only produce automotive sound damping mats that are designed for cars. Unlike roofing tapes, or other products that come on rolls, our automotive sound deadeners mats use only butyl binders with no asphalt filler. Our vibration dampers are odorless, non toxic & designed by expert adhesive formulators to reduce automotive noise and vibrations, not by roofing tape companies.

The foil on our CLD damping mat Damplifier is more than 3 times as thick than that of most roofing products and it will never melt off and cause you any headache.

How much CLD sound deadening do I need to use in my car to properly sound deaden the vibrations?
When it comes to automotive sound deadener and CLD vibration damping mats. more is always better, to a certain point. Covering the flat panels of your cars interior sheet metal panels with as little as 25 percent will help reduce harmonic distortion in the cars sheet metal, however in many cases, as much as 50 or 100 percent  CLD sound deadening coverage might be required, depending on the intensity of the audio system or how loud the road noise, engine noise and exhaust drone is. 
Applying a MLV noise barrier like our Luxury Liner or Luxury Liner Pro on top of your CLD sound deadener will more that triple the sound deadening results from your CLD Damplifier application.

Why does Damplifier Pro not come on a roll like your less expensive Sound deadening competition mats do?
Here is an industry secret. Products that come on rolls are roof tapes relabeled as CLD sound deadener mats. There is not a sound deadening manufacturer in the industry that puts CLD constraint layer dampers on a roll. Real sound deadening vibration damper mats will always come in sheets. If it is on a roll, it is not designed as a sound deadener. It came from a roofing manufacturer and was not designed to dampen vibrations in a car. There is no exception to this rule.


  • 6.5 mil  foil - BLACK
  • Adhesive = Viscoelastic butyl rubber - 99.94% solids content
  • 1 mm total thickness (40 mils) +/- 5%

.35 lbs per square foot +/- 5% 

  • 12" x 24" (2 sq ft.)
  • High temperature butyl adhesive
  • Higher rubber content & Less filler content = better sound deadening performance

    When it comes to automotive vibration damping and sound deadening, Second Skin Damplifier is the best automotive CLD (constraint layer damper) in its class. No other CLD vehicle sound deadener is as affordable as Second Skin Damplifier. No other automotive sound deadener competes at this price point, and no other noise damping CLD mat to date, has a more proven track record  for sound & noise reduction in automobiles!

Product Videos

Second Skin - Damplifier - Buzz Thompson Show Us How to Sound Deaden a Hood 01:40

Buzz Thompson installing Second Skin Damplifier.

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    Buzz Thompson installing Second Skin Damplifier.
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Product Reviews

Write Review

  1. Damplifiee is the best! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Dec 2016

    If Damplifier was the same as the competition, the cost savings alone would make it better than the competition. But considering it goes on better and does a fantastic job makes it the best. I do restorations professionally and have used Second Skin products on the last four cars that I have done. Damplifier is easier to apply, confirms better to contours and does an excellent job at quieting the interior of your project. Attention to detail and going to the extra effort of using high quality products like Damplifier are two of the features that make my first time customers repeat customers.

  2. Better than the rest 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Sep 2016

    I did a fair amount of research and even tested some product from different companies with a sound meter. For the money, nothing out-performed this in frequencies above 75 hertz. It applied easily (with the roller) and looks quite nice compared to other constrained layers products that look like Reynolds Wrap. I combined this with some Spectrum for small corners and sharp edges and my 69 mustang is every bit as quiet and rattle-free as my wife's new Audi. And the improvement is stereo quality was noticeable.

  3. Damplifier works great 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Aug 2016

    I recently covered the floor and the ceiling of my 2002 Kia spectra with 80 square feet of second skin damplifier. The best stuff on the market. With the quality of material they use to make damplifier, I was very satisfied the adhesion would stay. And I would also get 100% coverage. Where ever I put damplifier, I don't need to worry about it falling off. My floor and ceiling are way stronger. I will definitely be ordering some more.

  4. This stuff is pretty effective 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Jun 2014

    Installation was a little difficult having to trim each piece to fit perfectly, so a spray in option would be far easier. It took me almost a full day to install this in the floorboard of my f350 crew cab. Adhesive is incredibly strong. The foil in very sharp, and caught me by surprise. In my opinion purchasing a roller is a must.

  5. What a great product. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd May 2013

    I've used a lot of different product and this stuff is the best easy to work with if you are just patient. I would suggest this to anybody.

  6. Secondskin Damplifier the best sound control 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jan 2013

    Secondskin Damplifer is the best sound control that i have used. The only way to top it is to use the Damplifer Pro. Secondskin the best sound control money can buy.

  7. I chose to go with Second Skin 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Nov 2012

    After doing my research I chose to go with Second Skin. I am installing the Damplifier on those trouble areas in my vehicle. I have noticed a increase in the midrange from my front door speakers, also the doors sound solid now when I close them. Installation is very straight forward, the Damplifier easily conforms to all the curves and angles in the vehicle. I will be purchasing Overkill next to complete the install and I have confidence that the Overkill will be of the highest quality also. The customer sevice is great and shipping was super fast. Well worth the little extra money for a far superior product. Thanks Second Skin.

  8. very happy after installing Damplifier 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Nov 2012

    "I am very happy after installing Deamplifier inside my RX-8. Being an all-out sports car, there is little factory sound dampening, and panels are as thin as possible to save weight. Compounding that are the naturally-sharp exhaust pulses coming from a rotary engine. The stock exhast system does a decent job of taming this, but is very heavy and saps power in the upper rpms. Aftermarket exhausts, like what I now have, generally result in a ~4000 rpm drone which is very tiring on longer trips. Keeping weight in mind, I chose Damplifer and went to work, using 72 sq ft to line virtually the entire interior (within reason, and not covering the factory intalled dampening material). Love the results! It`s now a real GT car with modest interior noise, a "free" improvement to the sound system (particularly after lining the front door skins where the speakers now no longer visibly vibrate the skin and outside mirrors), and nice thunks and clunks when closing doors. The 1`x2` size is perfect to work with, it`s easy to cut with shears, and adhesion is goldilocks (just right). Cost is very reasonable considering the magnitude of the upgrade. The biggest bang/buck is in covering the skins on doors where speakers mount, if one wants to try things out before going `whole hog`. Great product!"

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