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Below are some of the most popular vehicles we have supplied sound deadening and thermal insulation to in the last 9 years of business. If you car is in here, you are in luck! Car sound proofing made simple.

  • Audio Door Kit - Door Pack, Speaker Tweaker Set of 2, 2 Sheets oKP, 1CSA, 1WHR
    $171.78 Audio Door Kit - Door Pack, Speaker Tweaker Set of 2, 2 Sheets oKP, 1CSA, 1WHR
    Second Skin's Audio Door Kit is the perfect small project for a big return! With enough product to completely insulate 2 vehicle doors from road noise, heat, and internal interference/squeeks and rattles, if you're looking...

  • Bagger Kit (Motorcycle Bat Wing & Bagger Stereo Insulation Kit)
    $118.46 Bagger Kit (Motorcycle Bat Wing & Bagger Stereo Insulation Kit)
    Second Skin's Bagger Kit is just the right amount of sound deadening material and tools to complete an install for most motorcycle bat wing fairings or bagger stereo systems. The Bagger Kit comes with the following...

  • Corvette Package
    $597.60 Corvette Package
    In our 14 years of producing automotive noise and heat insulation products for the aftermarket, we have sold to over 800 Corvette owners. We listened to your feedback and have put together a package that is designed to...

  • Factory Five Roadster
    $552.65 Factory Five Roadster
    With over 250 packages sold to Roadster owners, we have put the most popular products together in one package to accomplish the most common roadster goals; road noise, exhaust drone, and heat. 1 Shop Pack Damplifier...

  • Hood Kit
    $182.19 Hood Kit
    A perfect pack for Insulating your car from engine noise and heat! When you order an upgraded comfort package from the dealer, they will add insulation to the underside of the hood. Now, you can enjoy an even better...

  • Jeep Wrangler Package
    $519.43 Jeep Wrangler Package
    With hundreds of Jeep Wrangler owners using our products it was easy to see a clear pattern to their goals and buying habbits. Most of our off road customers, from CJ to JK are going with the same basic materials to block...

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